Changes taking place to the Disney Dining Plans

Changes will be taking place with the popular Disney Dining Plans. We haven’t seen a full official announcement yet, but the details we’re seeing are as follows:

Beginning May 31, guests will be able to exchange some of their table-service credits and quick-service credits for snack items. This could come in handy at the end of a trip if not all meal credits have been used or if a guest does not want to eat a full meal. There will also be some changes to what is considered a “snack,” as well as the exchange of a dessert at a meal for a soup or other side item.

Snacks were generally considered any item under $5 and marked with the purple DDP logo. They didn’t include most snack items with toppings, like a pretzel with cheese dip or ice cream with toppings. With the new change, guests can use a snack credit for: any single-serving size item, soup at quick-service restaurants, any side item at quick-service restaurants, a side of breakfast foods (like bacon or sausage), toppings and dips with another item, scooped ice cream (up to 2 scoops), and regular-size sundaes.

Quick-service meals – These meals typically consist of an entrée, dessert and drink. The changes will allow guests to choose any snack item or bottled drink instead of the dessert. This includes replacing dessert with a side item. The other big change to the quick-service meals is that adult and child quick service credits can now be used interchangeably. This has been a known loophole in the system for a while now; it’s now officially allowed. A quick-service credit can also be exchanged for 3 snack items instead of ordering a full meal. This can only be done in certain locations. Most resort food courts will offer this option, as well as select merchandise shops.

Table-service meals – Guests can now choose a salad, soup or fruit plate instead of the dessert that is typically included with the meal. At a meal, guests can use as many dining credits as they wish; for example, if you bring guests along, you can use credits to pay for them. In the past, you could only use the number of credits to match people in your immediate traveling party. Adult and child credits are not interchangeable, unless you are on the Deluxe, Premium, or Platinum plans.

We’re expecting more confirmation on all of this later today, but from reports we’re hearing on the DISboards, this all looks to be going into effect today, May 31.

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