Damages to Port Canaveral Cost About $2.9 Million From Hurricane Irma


Port Canaveral is the closest cruise port to Walt Disney World, as it is only about an hour drive away. According to Florida Today, the reported damages to Port Canaveral will cost an estimated $2.9 million dollars. Much of that, almost $1.5 million, will be directed toward the restoration of State Road 528’s eastbound lanes. Another large cost will be the already reported damages to Terminal 8, which happens to be the terminal used by Disney Cruise Line. Terminal 8’s damages were reported to be “mostly superficial”.

Fortunately, with all this damage the costs were relatively low considering how powerful the hurricane was. To put things in perspective, Hurricane Matthew last year cost Port Canaveral about $3.2 million dollars in repairs, which was “generally considered” a less powerful storm as compared to Irma. Preparedness for Hurricane Irma is what helped prevent higher costs in damages.

The lost revenue of one Royal Caribbean and two Disney Cruises ships coming to port resulted in the port losing $400,000, which was also factored into the cost.

Credit: Florida Today

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