Garmin’s Newest Fitness Trackers Use the Power of Disney to Motivate Kids


When it comes to how the children of this generation spend their time, we tend to think its too much technology and not enough physical activity. Well, what if one could lead to the other?

It was with this in mind that lead Garmin to release the Vivofit Jr. last year, a fitness tracker to help motivate children to be more active. For their next step in the fight to get kids in shape (and make a healthy profit doing it), Garmin is bringing out the big guns: Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel.

The company’s newest addition to the youth fitness game, the Vivofit Jr. 2, comes equipped with storylines and designs from the major Disney properties.

Able to be worn all day, the bands track steps, activity, and even sleep. Parents can also use the band to remind their children of important activities, i.e. chores. While efficient, none of those qualities are what is going to convince your child that being physical is actually fun. What might do the trick are the Vivofit Jr.’s activity storylines. The band works with a corresponding mobile app that uses the Disney characters to ask children to complete certain tasks, with the end goal being an hour of active time a day.

There are three separate fitness storylines currently available for purchase. The Minnie Mouse bands set children the task of planning a surprise birthday for Mickey, the Star Wars bands feature an adventure set on the desert planet Jakku, and the Avengers bands compel kids to save New York City from destruction at the hands of Ultron.

If this seems to you like a fun way to get your child out-and-about, the Vivofit Jr. 2 will set you back around $100, with additional bands running $30 a piece.

While it can seem difficult for physical activity to compete with the vast array of technological distractions (you probably aren’t reading this on your smartphone while doing lunges), it isn’t impossible for them to work together. Not to mention, the Vivofit Jr. 2 kind of looks like a Magic Band, so it may be the healthiest way to get your kid excited for their next Disney outing.

Source: TechCrunch

Image: Garmin

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