Disney Cruise Line ranks high on list of cleanest ships

If you’ve been on a Disney Cruise, you’ve seen the crew members who are constantly cleaning around the ship. So, just how clean are those ships? CruiseRadio.net shared information about the U.S. Public Health Department’s 44-item Vessel Sanitation Program and how these ships are graded on cleanliness.

Two times each year, all ships sailing into or out of a U.S. port have a surprise visit from the CDC, who grades them on a numerical scale. Any ships that receive an 85 or below will be considered a fail and will have another visit to check back on problems that were identified.

Luckily, the Disney Cruise Line crew members are doing their job and all four ships’ scores ranged from 96-100. To check out the scores for these, and other cruise ships, check out the most recent inspection here. You can read the full reports and see what violations were found during the inspections. You can also see the scores for all previous inspections.

News source: CruiseRadio.net

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