Disney Cruise Line to Use Additional Terminal in Port Canaveral When Fleet Expands

When Disney Cruise Line begins expanding their fleet in 2021, they will need more space for their ships to dock at Port Canaveral and today at a meeting of the Port Canaveral Commission, some of Disney's plans were revealed. Currently, Disney Cruise Line uses Terminal 8 at least 3 days a week, typically for cruises to the Bahamas aboard the Disney Dream and sailings to the Caribbean on the Disney Fantasy. Documents show that Port Canaveral will be upgrading and expanding Terminal 8. PortCanaveralTerminals01 In addition, nearby Terminal 10 will be upgraded for Disney's use when more than one ship is in Port Canaveral on the same day. The terminal will be shared with other cruise lines, such as Norwegian Cruise Line, so signage will be such that it can be changed on a daily basis. Enhancements on both terminals will cover public safety and security, along with embarkation services. Disney Cruise Line is added three new ships to their fleet in 2021, 2022, and 2023! Source: Disney Cruise Line Blog Images: Disney Cruise Line / Port Canaveral