Disney Employees Win Lawsuit Against Local Union in Orlando

Four Walt Disney World employees have won their case against Teamsters Local Union 385 in Orlando. The National Labor Relations Board case claimed that this union blocked these employees' attempts to cancel their memberships. "At Disney, the Teamsters Local 385 is one of six organizations comprising the Service Trades Council Union. The Teamsters represent workers including bus drivers and character actors." The employees involved in the lawsuit claimed that they tried, on numerous occasions, to find out how to resign from Teamsters and that their messages were either ignored or delayed. Administrative Law Judge Michael Rosas said in his ruling that "the union’s practices made it difficult for people to resign." Requests would only be taken in writing and sent to the attention of Clay Jeffries, the union's president, who was not in the office often. Judge Rojas said in his ruling that "Numerous messages and inquiries left for Jeffries and other union officials were systemically ignored..." According to the Orlando Sentinel, Judge "Rosas ordered the Teamsters to accept the resignations and reimburse workers for dues collected, with interest. The judge also ordered the union to distribute and post a notice informing employees it had broken federal labor law and spelling out workers’ rights." News source: Orlando Sentinel Photo source: @Local385

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