Disney Files Patent for Virtual Reality Captain America Shield Throwing Experience

A recent patent filed by Disney reveals that they are working on the technology for a Captain America shield throwing experience. The patent shows that the device would attach to a person’s forearm, and with a throwing motion the shield would slide down the arm on a rail. Virtual reality is used to simulate the shields path, and also the boomerang effect to bring the shield back to the thrower, similar to how Captain America does it in the comic books and movies.

The patent also reveals that the person throwing the shield would have intended targets. “Hitting” the target is what would activate the boomerang effect. Different targets could even have a variety of difficulties, meaning hitting the super villain would be easier than hitting the henchman.


Right now, it can be assumed that if this patent is eventually used in the Disney theme parks it might be part of an expanded Marvel section of Disney’s California Adventure near the recently opened Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission – Breakout!

Image: Disney Patent Application

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