Disney Is Developing a Soft Robotic Arm Comparable to Baymax

According to Tech Crunch, a research and development team working for Disney are creating a soft robotic arm that is similar to Baymax, the lovable robot from the animated film Disney’s Big Hero 6. Just like Baymax this robotic arm has an “internal projector that can show status or information to nearby people.”

Surrounding the joints of the robotic are “force sensing modules,” which are small compartments that are filled with air when pressure is detected. The benefit of soft robotics, and these “force sensing modules,” is that they can decrease the likelihood of injuring a human that is interacting with the robotic, and decrease the likelihood of the hardware in the robotic from being damaged.

While this technology is extremely fascinating, it is unlikely going to show up in the theme parks anytime soon as it is still in a just a prototype.

Credit/Image: Tech Crunch