Disney Research Working on the Design of Highly Technical Robotics


Last week we reported on a self-correcting gymnastic robot that the Disney Imagineering team is working on. Now it looks like even more highly technical robotic technology is being worked on by Disney. Disney Research recently announced they are working on a computational design of robotic devices using high-level motion specifications. In other words, they are working on improving the efficiency of their robots with a better design.

The robots have certain “target motion trajectories” or goals it was aimed to accomplish. This new research is using a library of robotic designs and capabilities so that the robots can be constructed in a way that is the “most simple yet versatile.” To achieve the robotic’s goal the researchers are using computational design to pin down how it can be built to best solve the formulated task.

This technology is used to enhance and improve existing technology. For example, Disney Research is currently working with legged robots and robotic manipulators to demonstrate and test and improve their designs. One of the robots they are working to improve is a four-legged puppybot.

Credit/Image: Disney Research

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