Disney World ticket scammer faces the judge

One of three suspects charged with reselling used Walt Disney World tickets to an Osceola County detective and deputy faced the judge on Thursday. Karrie Michelle Geith, along with Brett Snyder and Nola Davila, were arrested for unlawful sale of multi-day event tickets.

The three were at a ticket counter in a convenience store on State Road 535 and offered the undercover Osceola County deputy tickets that had leftover days on them, advising that they would need to use original names on the tickets when they reached the theme park gates. Multi-day Disney tickets are non-transferable.

This was not the first time the suspects had been caught attempting the same scam.


This mug shot come from a 2007 arrest for the same crime.

The charges this time were three counts of grand theft and counterfeiting admission tickets with the intent to defraud.


Sources: WFTV / Inside Poinciana Florida


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