Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District is Being Renamed

Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District is Being Renamed Portland, OR, USA - Apr 22, 2022: Homepages of Disney World and Reedy Creek Improvement District are seen on a laptop. Florida Republicans vote to dissolve Disney's special district as a retaliation.

UPDATE: Since the time of this posting, Jeff Vahle, President, Walt Disney World, issued a statement in response to the new bill. You can read his statement HERE.

The bill, HB 9B – Reedy Creek Improvement District, Orange, and Osceola Counties” has been filed. This bill it proposes changes, including renaming the district to “Central Florida Tourism Oversight District.” I think Reedy Creek Improvement District sounds better, but that’s not the point. The major takeaway from this is that the district will be under a new name and won’t be fully dissolved.

Disney's Reedy Creek Improvement District is Being Renamed reedycreek-newbill-wdw

The bill is 189 pages, so there is a lot of information to take in but let’s dive into the basics.

Here is what we know

  • The bill proposes a “Board of Supervisors” that will consist of five members “appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.” It also states that no person who has worked with/for a theme park or entertainment complex “within the past 3 years” can serve on the board.
  • It clearly states, “Reedy Creek Improvement District is not dissolved as of June 1” but will continue in “full force” under its new name.
  • The governor appoints all 5 board members.
  • The current board has 5 members: Donald R. Greer, Leila Jammal, Jane Adams, Laurence C. Hames Maximiano Brito, and they all have terms that expire in May 2025 except Brito (May 2023).
  • The bill also states, “members may not serve more than 3 consecutive terms.” Current board member Greer has been on board since 1975.
  • For a transitional period of no longer than two years from the effective date of this act, the district may continue doing business using “Reedy Creek Improvement District” as a fictitious name to provide sufficient time for the district to make the necessary change.

As we get more information, we will be sure to continue to update you. If you want to read the entire 189 pages or skim through it, click here.

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