Family claims Disney Cruise Line gave dangerous medicine to 4-month-old baby

The family of a 4-month-old baby who was removed from a Disney Cruise Line ship says their baby was treated with a dangerous medicine while onboard.  The Moak family of Minnesota was on the December 30 sailing on the Disney Wonder when their 4-month-old daughter began spitting up more than normal.  They took her to the ship’s doctor, where she was given Phenergan.  A few hours later, they were told by medical staff that the baby wasn’t old enough to be on the ship and that they couldn’t provide enough care for her.  Jennifer Moak said she thinks they were made to leave the ship because the medicine isn’t approved by the FDA for children under age 2 and that the doctors made a mistake.
Disney Cruise Line has not commented on the issue.
News Source: LaCrosse Tribune

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