Highlights From the New Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland Park

Magic Happens debuts Friday, February 28th at Disneyland Park, but invited media and guests who happened to be in the park on Thursday got a preview of the energetic new parade. The new daytime parade features a soundtrack influenced by Todrick Hall and floats that include magic moments from Moana, Coco, Frozen 2, and more. Here are some of the highlights: MagicHappens-Mickey-002 MagicHappens-Mickey-003 MagicHappens-Mickey-004 MagicHappens-Mickey-006 MagicHappens-Moana-001 MagicHappens-Moana-002 MagicHappens-Moana-003 MagicHappens-Moana-004 MagicHappens-Moana-005 MagicHappens-Moana-006 MagicHappens-Coco-003 MagicHappens-Coco-002 MagicHappens-Coco-003 MagicHappens-Coco-004 MagicHappens-Coco-005 MagicHappens-Coco-006 MagicHappens-Coco-001 MagicHappens-Frozen-001 MagicHappens-Frozen-002 MagicHappens-Frozen-003 MagicHappens-Frozen-004 MagicHappens-Frozen-005 MagicHappens-Finale-001 MagicHappens-Finale-002 MagicHappens-Finale-003 MagicHappens-Finale-004 MagicHappens-Finale-005 MagicHappens-Finale-006 MagicHappens-Finale-007 MagicHappens-Finale-008 MagicHappens-Finale-009

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