Jungle Cruise Boat at Magic Kingdom Takes on Water with Guests Aboard

Earlier this afternoon, a boat full of guests riding the Jungle Cruise attraction at Magic Kingdom started taking on water and sank.


Some reports on social media are showing the guests up on the ledge of the boat.


As of the time of this post, there have been no reports of any injuries.

One listener of the DIS Unplugged happened to be on the boat that started sinking and shared his story with us.

Totally crazy, the poor skipper had just made the joke about learning to swim. Right before we got to the lion scene, 2 people toward the back jumped up & said water was coming in. All of a sudden water starts rushing in. We were all standing on the seats with water up to our knees. We had to wait [for] about 25 minutes for a rescue boat. When it got there, at first they told us we were going to have to ‘water evac’ which means wading through 4 feet water to shore. When everyone went [berzerk], they finally let us climb from one boat to the other. When we got to shore they gave us all blankets, towels & hot chocolate. They eventually brought us socks, shoes and gave our 2 year old a plush. They took our info & said someone would call & ‘make us happy’. The cast members were all awesome. From the boat sinking till when we went back into the park was about 3 hrs. Certainly a trip to remember!!

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