Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Gad Make Disney Jokes While Narrating Candlelight Processional

Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Gad Make Jokes During Candlelight Processional 2021-candlelight-processional-sign

The Candlelight Processional is a fan-favorite holiday offering at EPCOT in Walt Disney World. The show has a mass choir, joined by a 50-piece live orchestra and a celebrity narrator, telling the story of Christmas in words and music in a very moving performance. An American Sign Language interpreter is also on stage to translate the narrated story, allowing deaf and hard-of-hearing guests to enjoy the event. Performances are held at the America Gardens Theatre.

As mentioned above, there are celebrity narrators at each performance. For many fans seeing Neil Patrick Harris each year is a holiday tradition. This year he opened the show with a joke mentioning Bob Chapek. When I saw the clip, I couldn’t help but laugh for a good five minutes. Harris was talking about the meaning of EPCOT and how he was sure the C doesn’t stand for Chapek. Of course, this got a laugh from fans, but the internet is having a blast with this clip.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the clip. Deanna Berry is the one we have to thank for capturing this moment.

Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Gad Make Jokes During Candlelight Processional epcot-candlelight-john-stamos

He isn’t the only celebrity that has made jokes during the performance. Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf, recently took on the role of narrator and had the crowd laughing. Here are a few TikToks showcasing the humor he shared with EPCOT guests.

@coasttocoasters @realjoshgad did such an incredible job! #epcot #candlelightprocessional #joshgad #olaf #epcotcandlelightprocessional2022 #epcotball #themeparkphotography #wdw50 ♬ original sound – coasttocoasters
@ryanandbrie Josh Gad jokes about Splash Mountain & fears repercussions! 🤣 #epcot #candlelightprocessional #waltdisneyworld #wdw #joshgad #olaf #princessandthefrog #splashmountain ♬ In Summer – From “Frozen”/Soundtrack Version – Josh Gad
@tiffanyskylarsimm Josh Gad at epcot’s candlelight processional. It was an absolute dream to see this legend! #joshgad #frozen #olaf #disney #fyp ♬ original sound – Tiffany Skylar Simmons

Josh Gad is hilarious and added great humor to the beautiful show. I find it funny that these celebrities keep up with what’s happening in this hectic Disney bubble, from changing CEOs to Genie+. In a way, it makes me feel less alone seeing them informed on all of this, even if it was to curate a joke. What do you think about these jokes? Did they make you laugh? Oh, and would you like to see Josh Gad return next year? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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