New Tasty Treats From Pandora – The World of AVATAR

There are so many gorgeous sights to see inside Pandora – The World of AVATAR. Now that it’s been open for nearly a week, we thought we’d take a look at some of the fun and unique sweet treats that await you inside Windtraders, the new land’s only shop.


This krispy treat duplicates the real vein pods you see in the landscaping of Pandora. The exterior shell is chocolate and the inside is crunchy.


This candy looks like a strawberry, and tastes like one too!


These traditional rock candy treats resemble the bioluminescent plants that come to life during the evening inside Pandora.


Next up are the Teylu Gummi candies. They’re reportedly “very, very gummy” and “taste like magic!”


The Polyphemus pops are colorful sweet treats that can easily be shared with friends and family as you peruse the Pandoran landscape.


Ever wonder what Pandoran tree spores taste like? They are a combination of coconut and chocolate. The inside of the treat is a delicious brownie while the outside is covered with colorful strips of coconut.

Which of these treats are you anxious to try?

Source: Oh My Disney