New Tasty Treats From Pandora – The World of AVATAR

There are so many gorgeous sights to see inside Pandora - The World of AVATAR. Now that it's been open for nearly a week, we thought we'd take a look at some of the fun and unique sweet treats that await you inside Windtraders, the new land's only shop. Vein-Pod-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-750x689 This krispy treat duplicates the real vein pods you see in the landscaping of Pandora. The exterior shell is chocolate and the inside is crunchy. Fruit-Gummies-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-1200x885 This candy looks like a strawberry, and tastes like one too! Pandoran-Rock-Candy-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-1200x925 These traditional rock candy treats resemble the bioluminescent plants that come to life during the evening inside Pandora. Teylu-Gummi-Candy-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-1-1200x900 Next up are the Teylu Gummi candies. They're reportedly "very, very gummy" and "taste like magic!" Polyphemus-Pops-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-1200x793 The Polyphemus pops are colorful sweet treats that can easily be shared with friends and family as you peruse the Pandoran landscape. Pandoran-Tree-Spores-Pandora-The-World-of-Avatar-1200x900 Ever wonder what Pandoran tree spores taste like? They are a combination of coconut and chocolate. The inside of the treat is a delicious brownie while the outside is covered with colorful strips of coconut. Which of these treats are you anxious to try? Source: Oh My Disney

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