Oh My Disney Launches Their First Merchandise Collection

The great folks over at Oh My Disney have just launched an exclusive collection of fun merchandise ranging from pencils, journals, sticky notes to keychains, pins, apparel, and more! The new collection features favorite Disney Villains, Disney Princesses, and even The Lion King. These products are sure to help you Disney-fy your world up a bit. We thought we'd share just a few of the items here with you, but you can take a peek at the full collection at ShopDisney or at your local Disney Store. Cheshire Cat Keychain (Alice in Wonderland) $14.95 Oh-My-Disney-Collection-Cheshire-Cat-Keychain-750x750 "If You Can't Say Something Nice..." Tote (Bambi and Thumper) $24.95 If-You-Cant-Say-Something-Nice-Tote Ariel Chambray Bomber Jacket (Little Mermaid) $44.95 Little-Mermaid-Chambray-Jacket-back "They Can't Order Me To Stop Dreaming" Tee Shirt (Cinderella) $26.95 Cant-order-me-shirt Belle "Books s’il vous plaît" Tee Shirt (Beauty and the Beast) $26.95 Books-Sil-Vous-Plait-shirt-reading Source: Oh My Disney

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