Planet Hollywood Observatory Will Increase Celebrity Presence, Add Quick Service

Planet Hollywood Observatory, located in Disney Springs, is seeing sales numbers it hasn't encountered since the early 90's. In an effort to replicate that former success, as well as promote the $25 million overhaul of the establishment, the Observatory plans to raise the number of famous faces on premises. Originally backed by celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Shwarzenegger in 1991, the restaurant is working to recapture that element. Robert Earl, founder of Planet Hollywood, had a few things to say about the restaurant's current direction.“We had Britney Spears last week and have Reese Witherspoon Friday,” noted Earl, “We plan to keep it up.” Planet Hollywood Observatory also plans to build an outdoor quick service addition, for which it already has Disney Springs' permission. According to Earl, "We’ve got the best location in the district right next to the movie theater and the car park." Source: The Orlando Sentinel