Recent Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando Guest Dies From Coronavirus

According to TMZ, a 34-year-old man who visited both Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando about 2 weeks ago has died after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Jeffrey Ghazarian of Glendora, California flew from Los Angeles to Orlando on March 2nd for a work conference, followed by a few days in the theme parks.

After developing a cough and coughing up blood, Ghazarian flew back to Los Angeles on March 9th and headed straight to the emergency room where an x-ray confirmed pneumonia. He was tested for COVID-19, then sent home with fluids and antibiotics, and told to self-quarantine while awaiting results.

On March 13th, Ghazarian’s tests came back positive for COVID-19, and he was given a portable oxygen meter, however, by the next day, he had worsened and was taken to the hospital. His lungs were 60-70% blocked, so doctors sedated him and put him on a ventilator, hoping his lungs would heal.

Despite his family’s claims that antiviral medications were approved, he never received them. Ghazarian’s condition worsened, and he passed away this morning.

According to reports, Ghazarian was at a higher-risk of COVID-19 due to a history of asthma and childhood bronchitis. He also survived surgery for testicular cancer in 2016.

There is no information on the exact dates that Ghazarian was in the theme parks or which theme parks he visited.

Source: TMZ

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