Royal Caribbean CEO Hints That Ship Larger Than Symphony of the Seas Is on the Horizon

Earlier this week, we shared information about the brand new Oasis-class ship, Symphony of the Seas, that was just delivered to Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. This vessel is the world's largest cruise ship, at least for the time being. During a media event that took place onboard the Symphony of the Seas Wednesdays, Royal Caribbean International president and CEO Michael Bayley responded to a question asked by USA Today saying, "the as-yet-unnamed fifth ship in Royal Caribbean's groundbreaking Oasis Class of vessels would be at least a tad bigger than the 228,081-ton Symphony. Symphony is the fourth vessel in the Oasis Class." "It's going to have to be a little bigger," Bayley said, though, according to USA Today, he indicated that the difference in size wouldn't be earth-shattering. "Like an inch, three inches here; an extra few tons there," he said. "We have gotten caught a little bit in our own loop, and so every time we introduce a new Oasis Class (ship), we always try to make it a little bit bigger so that it is the world's biggest cruise ship," Bayley added. No debut date for the upcoming vessel was offered, but we'll keep you posted when we hear anything. If you'd like more information on booking a cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line or to receive a no-obligation quote, write to us at [email protected]. Source: USA Today