Rumor: Disney considers purchasing Netflix?

According to, Disney is considering purchasing Netflix. Netflix was originally a DVD mailing service, but has shifted in recent years to become focused on streaming their content straight to viewers. Lately, Netflix has been producing a lot of original TV shows and movies, feeding right into their mission statement of making over half their content original. Disney already owns companies like Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, but owning Netflix would give them an even easier way to distribute their own content. ScreenRant comments that purchasing Netflix would allow Disney to tap into an already proven content algorithm for assessing how audiences watch content. Netflix already has a large number of subscribers on their own, but joining up with Disney would only help in competition with other sites like Amazon Prime. These are all just rumors for now, but their strength has been increasing since AT&T purchased Time Warner last month. News source: Photo credit: Cord Cutter News


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