Tokyo Disney Resort Could Be Considering a New Sky-Themed Park


The Tokyo Disney Resort could see the addition of a third park in its future, one with uniquely sky and space-based attractions. According to a report by the Mainichi Shimbun, an established Japanese newspaper, Oriental Land Company is considering development of a sky-themed park to complement its existing land and sea-themed properties.

Oriental Land Company, who operate Tokyo Disney Resort, said in a statement that they had not made an announcement about a third park, while The Mainichi Shimbun states that an official announcement will most likely be made in “late April or early May.”

The report gives “DisneySky” as a possible name for the new park, mirroring the already existing Tokyo DisneySea. The Mainichi Shimbun’s source says Oriental Land Company “wants to make a ‘one of a kind’ theme park, similar to Tokyo DisneySea,” and has chosen the sky theme to break new ground. Attractions could simulate flights through sky or space.

In an attempt to deal with overcrowding and to streamline traffic flow, the park may include an electronic ticket system designed to work with smartphones rather than Tokyo Disneyland’s current paper ticketing system. There is also the mention of a system of sensors which would monitor crowd movement and attraction use to aid in guest dispersal.

Moving walkways and a unique park design that limits travel distance could be implemented to construct a more “elderly friendly” experience.

Oriental Land Company is purportedly looking to build the park where the parking area behind Tokyo Disneyland currently stands, with construction beginning in 2019 and the park opening to the public in 2022.

Sources: The Mainichi, TDR Explorer

Image: Tokyo DisneySea – Disney Parks Blog

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