Walt Disney World Cast Member Claims She Lost Job Due to Chemical Sensitivity

A Walt Disney World Cast Member says she was forced out of her job back in March after complaining that air fresheners used in bathrooms were triggering her asthma.

Back in February, long-time Cast Member Nancy Copley was part of a WFTV9 story on chemical sensitivity in the workplace. Around the same time, Copley requested that Walt Disney World remove air fresheners from a bathroom that she used.

The next month, Copley says that Disney offered her a settlement, rather than remove the air freshener. According to Copley, Disney said “it would cost them too much money to take an air freshener out of a bathroom.”

Copley had been with the company for 19 years and was 1 year from retirement.


While the Americans Disabilities Act covers chemical sensitivity, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has no standards related to indoor air quality, so Disney or any other workplace can’t be forced to remove the offending air fresheners.

In this case, Copley said she was told that that because her restriction was personal, Disney did not have to comply with her request.

WFTV9 has asked Disney for a comment, but received no reply.


Source/Images: WFTV9


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