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iFly Orlando

If you've been on International Drive near Wet-n-Wild, then you've probably seen this bizarre ufo-like structure. This strange building is iFly formally Sky Venture, a free fall skydiving adventure that floats you in a vertical wind tunnel with air speeds up to 145 mph. No experience is required, but some coordination is. There is short class where the instructor will teach you how to fly and give you necessary hand signals for communication while flying in the tunnel. The key is to relax, keep your chin up, arms in front of you, legs slightly apart and knees bent. Each class can have up to 12 people.

This is not a cheap attraction and might not be worth it for everyone. Prices range from $45 to $230 depending on how much time you choose, and whether or not you purchase the photo CD and the video. In our case, we purchased the AirXtreme package for $200. It included 10 minutes of flight time, that we divided between the two of us, plus the photos and video. Each person will take two turns flying in the tunnel, so if you purchase the 1 minute flight package, you really get two 30 second flight sessions. Extra time can also be purchased for $30 for 2 minutes. They supply all the equipment including, knee pads, elbow pads, ear plugs, flight suit, helmet and goggles.

This place was surprisingly busy. You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your class time, or call beforehand. Reservations are suggested - call 1-800-SKY-FUN. We showed up at 3pm without a reservation and they where able to squeeze us in the 3:30 class. The video and photo CD you purchase includes the entire flight session of the whole class, so if there's another family in your class, you end up getting their photos and video too.
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WARNINGS – This is a high activity sport, not a ride. Participants may experience minor injuries such as cuts, sprains and bruises. Anyone with a heart condition, prior shoulder dislocations, neck or back injuries or other conditions which would increase your risk of injury or are under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other medication, chemical or substance.


Under 6’0” – 230 Lbs.
Maximum Over 6’0” – 260 Lbs. Maximum

Under 5’7” – 190 Lbs. Maximum
Over 5’7” – 220 Lbs. Maximum

Reservations suggested: call 407-903-1150 or 1-800-SKY-FUN

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