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Disney Planning: What Are Lightning Lanes & Genie Plus?

Disney Planning: What Are Lightning Lanes & Genie Plus? Disney Image - Lightning Lane

Our Disney Planning series is here to get back to basics and help you understand some of the fundamentals of the Disney experience. As you’ve started your Disney planning process, you might have come across a few terms like FastPass and Lightning Lane; if this is your first time visiting Disney, they can all be a little bit confusing. FastPass was the name given to an older system of skip-the-queue style ticketing that allowed guests to come back during a specific window and bypass a section of the queue. The system was initially free and extremely popular, with some passes included as advance reservations for Walt Disney World Resort guests.

MaxPass was the first paid system to be introduced in Disney Parks, making its debut in Disneyland as an additional service that guests could invest in. MaxPass enabled guests to make FastPass reservations from their phones without the need to move about the park and seek the paper ticket option. Both the FastPass System and the MaxPass system have since been replaced with Lightning Lanes and Genie+.

How Do Lightning Lanes & Genie+ Work?

The specifics of the new system are similar to FastPass; however, you can only access the skip-the-queue return times via a paid service. All free FastPass options have been discontinued. Lightning Lanes for some attractions are available through the Genie+ option, where you pay a set amount per day and can access as many as you can (rules apply). Others are available in an individual purchase. The cost of the service can vary depending on the day, usually becoming more expensive in peak crowd conditions.

When Can I Purchase Genie+

Genie+ can be purchased from midnight on the first day of your stay, though it isn’t necessary to stay up to have it as soon as it becomes available. As long as you purchase before the first 7 a.m. selection window opens, you can still make the most of your investment.

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Do I Need To Buy Lightning Lanes?

The short answer is no. Like all things, it can make life easier to be able to return to an attraction and skip waiting in the majority of the queue; however, it is not a necessary purchase.

How Do I Book A Lightning Lane with Genie+?

If you have decided to go ahead and book the Genie+ service for your Disney Day, watch the clip below to learn more about how to book your lightning lanes throughout the day.

Do you have questions about Genie+ and Disney’s Lightning Lane service? Ask them in the comments below, and let our DIS Community help you through the process.

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