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Walt Disney World Gas Stations

The three stations generally are averaging 5-10 cents per gallon below prices outside the tourist areas.  The Speedway Stations (previously Speedway) are located:  On World Drive near the exit to the Magic Kingdom Parking Lot, on Buena Vista Drive near Boardwalk, and on Buena Vista Drive across from Pleasure Island.

Keep an eye out for any gas station in Orlando that does not advertise their prices,
including the Lake Buena Vista area and around the Orlando International Airport.

We've seen reports of them charging a 100% markup!!

You are better off using the Speedway stations on Disney Property

Speedway - Magic Kingdom - World Drive

This is a car care center where repairs can be made. You can also pick up a car rental from either Alamo or National here. Shuttle service is provided from the Disney resorts.
Hours: Open 24 hours with 24 pumps including diesel
Self-service gas islands and a 4,000 sq. ft. Convenience store. Made to order pizza, subs and other food items are available. This site features a travelogue reminiscent of roadside stations of the 1950's - '60's. There's a map that highlights favorite U.S. driving destinations.

Speedway - Pleasure Island
Hours: Open 24 hours
Self-serve gas, convenience store, gift shop.

Speedway - Disney's Hollywood Studios/Boardwalk
Hours: Open 24 hours
Self-serve gas, car wash, convenience store, gift shop.

Tips on How to Save Money on Gas when Driving to Disney

A lot of people find it cheaper to drive to their Disney vacations each year, whether they're headed to Walt Disney World or to Disneyland.  Even though it may be cheaper than flying, gas prices are still high and they can definitely influence the decision on when to travel, or even if traveling is feasible this year.  Here are some tips so that your family vacation budget isn't eaten up by the high gas prices.

Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage:

  • Aggressive driving can hurt your car's mileage. To optimize mileage, follow posted speed limits and avoid "start and stop" traffic when possible. 

  • Utilize your cruise control when on the highway.  Every car reaches its optimal fuel efficiency at a different speed, but it's generally around 60 miles per hour.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, for every 5 miles an hour you drive over 60 mph, it's like you are spending an extra twenty cents per gallon of gas. That may not seem like a lot, but when you factor in how far you are driving, it can really add up!

  • Mechanical problems can lower gas mileage.  Make sure tires are inflated to proper pressure (check your owner's manual to make sure you know the right level for your vehicle).  Regular oil changes, tune ups and maintenance will keep your car running for its best performance and gas mileage. 

  • Fact or fiction?  "Nitrogen filled tires will improve gas mileage."  There's no real scientific proof or studies to prove this, so you'll have to decide for yourself.  Compressed air (what you're normally filling your tires with) contains about 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen (the rest is a mix of other gasses and water vapor).  In theory, because of its larger molecules nitrogen will exit your tires slower than air so your tire pressure will remain consistent longer.  In addition, the water vapor in compressed air can corrode tires from the inside out faster than pure nitrogen but would be negligible compared to outer wear from road friction.  The claim that nitrogen is lighter than compressed air and will make your car lighter and get better gas mileage is not true (the weight difference is inconsequential).  Basically, if you can find this service for free, go for it but do not pay for it.

  • Pack light - the more weight you have in your car, the more gas you need to move it.  Clean out the trunk of anything that is unneeded or unnecessary for the trip.  Make sure to keep your emergency supplies in there though - don't take out that spare tire or jack!

  • Use the air conditioning effectively - A/C takes about 8 horsepower to run and that eats gas.  On short trips, it's better on your gas to leave the A/C off (if you can stand it!).  On a long trip on the open highway, it's better to use the A/C than to drive with the windows open, because the extra drag of open windows on a vehicle will eat up more fuel than running the A/C will.

  • Carpool!  More people per car means fewer cars on the road.

  • Buy the correct fuel for your car.  Read your owner's manual to find out the appropriate octane or fuel type.  Many people buy a higher octane than the car requires and that costs more.

Saving Money on Gas:

  • This sounds obvious, but buy gas at the lowest prices available.  It's often cheapest from "big box" stores (like Costco, BJs, Sam's Club), but you have to purchase a club membership.  Are you saving enough to make that membership worth it?

  • Don't drive 5 miles out of your way just to save 2 cents a gallon. It's not that big of a savings!

  • There are several apps for your mobile devices that can help you find the gas stations with the cheapest gas. We have a few listed here, but there are several other free apps available, just pick the best for you.

    • Gasbuddy (free): This uses GPS to show gas prices near your current location.  It works great and is very accurate.
    • Cheap Gas (free): Sort by price and distance to find the cheapest gas.  This does bring up a map, which is helpful, but we found the prices to be a little off.
    • AAA Trip Tik Mobile (free):  This is a really cool app!  Its graphic interface shows the locations of food, fuel, attractions, hotels, etc. on your route.  Click on the icons for details, including current gas prices.  You can even get point to point directions.

  • Some web sites to check out before you leave home:

    • AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report: This web site tracks the daily national average price of unleaded gasoline so you can plan your budget accordingly.
    • GasBuddy.com: Search for the cheapest unleaded gas prices in your area.

  • One of the best tips to save money on gas while AT Disney?  Use the free resort transportation!  Why pay for gas when Disney is willing to do the driving for you?!

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