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3 Unique Cast Member Interactions That Will Brighten Your Magic Kingdom Day

3 Unique Cast Member Interactions That Will Brighten Your Magic Kingdom Day C7C5C812-21A3-4FD5-BF99-60AE949284D3

As most die-hard Disney fans know, Cast Members are an integral part of the experience. They check us into our respective resorts, serve us our food, help us search for the newest merchandise, keep attractions safe, and rectify ticket issues. On a typical day at the parks, we may interact with dozens of Cast Members.

Most of these conversations are friendly and pleasant, but the most memorable ones often come when the Cast Member is in theme and character with their location while providing a memorable moment for a guest. Here are three free, easy-to-find experiences you can have with a Cast Member to make your next visit to Magic Kingdom that much better.

3 Unique Cast Member Interactions That Will Brighten Your Magic Kingdom Day sir-mickeys-1

Pixie Dust at Sir Mickey’s

Is a member of your party celebrating a special occasion? Is anyone dressed up as their favorite character or wants to add a special touch to their day? It may be worth stopping by Sir Mickey’s merchandise location in Fantasyland. Guests can approach any checkout counter and request to receive “pixie dust.” The Cast Member will use their magic wand to sprinkle pixie dust in the guests’ hair while casting their spell that will sound something like:

“With faith, trust, and pixie dust, may all your dreams and wishes come true.”

It is important to note that for safety reasons, guests must be over the age of two for this experience.

3 Unique Cast Member Interactions That Will Brighten Your Magic Kingdom Day Frontierland-Mercantile-2

Frontierland Hoedown

In between the Frontier Trading Post and The Country Bear Jamboree, The Frontierland Hoedown Happening is performed twice per day. In the early evening hours, various Cast Members and characters such as the Country Bears, Clarabelle Cow, and Chip and Dale suddenly enter the street and dance to various hoedown tunes. Performers involve guests who have gathered around to dance with them toward the end of the performance. It’s a fun way to interact with Cast and have a mini meet-and-greet with multiple characters.

3 Unique Cast Member Interactions That Will Brighten Your Magic Kingdom Day Buzz-2_preview

Galactic Hero Oath

This interaction will require a little bit of skill, as you’ll need to know the ins and outs of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Tomorrowland. You will need to max out your score on the ride and achieve Galactic Hero status, a score of 999,999. Scoring tips can be found here. Any guest who scores this high can visit the registers in the gift shop at the attraction’s exit.

A Cast Member will give them a sticker, which many already know about. But recently, Tomorrowland Cast has taken it a step further and has instituted an official oath to induct Space Rangers as Galactic Heroes. The oath goes:

I, Space Ranger (guest’s name), solemnly swear to always serve and protect the galaxy, to always defeat Zurg and his minions, and to always be the Galactic Hero this galaxy needs. To infinity and beyond!

Speaking as a former Tomorrowland merchandise Cast Member for over two years, this is a fun interaction with guests as most don’t expect it. These are the best interactions to have with Cast Members, ones that you may not expect to go a step beyond a simple conversation and become a memory.

I am a lifelong Disney fan and have visited the parks my entire life. I was lucky enough to have been a Cast Member as well, spending over two years in Tomorrowland merchandise. I'm excited to share my passion and thoughts on Walt Disney World.


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