A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220709_184052

My dear Port Orleans French Quarter, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. (my apologies to any Elizabeth Barrett Browning fans)

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220710_183641
<em>This was taken from Building 3<em> <em>Lobby to the left building 2 to the right pool straight ahead<em>

First, let me talk about your size. You may not be the biggest or most expansive resort on property, but that’s one reason why I love you. ‘Tis a short walk from most buildings (except building 7) to the main lobby area for food, beignets, shopping, and resort buses. You have a centrally-located pool area, which is a short walk from most buildings (except building 7).

At the end of the night, it’s not a long walk from the bus depot to your room, and if you are returning from Disney Springs via water taxi, there are two buildings, literally, a hop, skip, and a jump away. Maybe a few hops and skips for building 5, but I digress. It’s relatively close, unlike building 7, which we’re not going to mention.

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220709_213210
<em>Fried pimento cheese better than expected<em>

Secondly, let me talk, no, rave about your food. Some of my favorite dishes have been made in your bustling kitchens: beignets, fried pimento cheese, shrimp and grits, and gumbo. The list goes on and on. Please continue what you are currently doing because it makes me swoon. Watching an order of shrimp and grits come to life right in front of me was magical! It would be a disservice, not to mention the beignets made to order with a tremendous amount of powdered sugar—the amount of powdered sugar you have to hold your breath when taking a bite. But really, isn’t that part of the joy?

On that note, dear French Quarter, I also love you for your Scat Cat’s Club. Live jazz music in an intimate setting, with tasty appetizers and drinks, which might have been a little strong in the case of the Southern Hurricane. To be fair, though, this is New Orleans, and those spirits helped lift my spirits after a long day. Friendly wait staff, good bites, slightly strong drinks, and an overall chill vibe helps to relax after you’ve had a day.

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220710_182839
<em>One of many street names at the resort<em>

Thirdly, I love your quirkiness! How many other resorts have streets with signposts and tiles in the pavement? Not the stuffy deluxe resorts! Which other resorts have a fountain in the lobby with Mardi Gras rubber ducks and Mardi Gras coins? Only one comes to mind! And really, is there any other resort on Disney property that would have festively dressed alligator statues near the pool area? They’re here to help you have a good time!

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220710_182745
<em>One of several fountains on the property<em>

Fourthly (that might not be a word), I love you for your overall atmosphere, from your ample smattering of trees to your lush grassy field to your peaceful gardens. The vacation stress can melt away on a bench by one of several hub fountains. Or, if one prefers, taking a break by roasting marshmallows at the Cajun Campfire.

Walking around the brick streets, taking in the architecture and wrought iron, is very peaceful. Your atmosphere is part of your charm, and like being in the south, it’s very laid back.

A Light-Hearted Love Letter to Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter The DIS 20220710_173744
<em>Wrought iron everywhere<em>

Lastly, I love that you have ceiling fans in your rooms, especially during summer. There’s nothing quite like taking a mid-day break during a summer vacation to lay on the bed and let the fan cool you off. Also, if you’re a person who needs the ceiling fan on when you go to sleep, these rooms will be perfect for you! Forget those stuffy deluxe resorts; this is where you should be!

My pro tip: ask the check-in desk if a corner room is available. It will be the same size as a standard room but double the windows. You’ll get extra sunlight, and you’ll also get double the views from your room!

Yes, Port Orleans French Quarter, I love you for the reasons I mentioned and for additional reasons. Your grounds are beautiful, and your staff is fantastic; I adore your food, I love your smaller size, and I’m a fan of your in-room ceiling fans. Also, your beds are comfy. To me, you are nearly perfect, except for building 7, because it’s the furthest away.

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Hi, I'm Liz. I'm very tall, sorta funny, and I occasionally get lost inside gift shops.


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