Disney’s New Baby Okapi Joins Gorilla Falls Trail at Animal Kingdom

Disney's New Baby Okapi Joins The Gorilla Falls Trail Disney Okapi 1 Large

Disney’s Animal Kingdom holds a special place in the hearts of Disney fans thanks to a unique element that sets it apart from the rest. It’s not a special technology or fancy new show, but something much more remarkable: animals. The extraordinary animals that are cared for in this park make it such a wonderful place to visit, not bringing them into our world, like your average zoo, but bringing Disney guests into theirs. Baby animal announcements at Disney are my favorite; seeing the next generation of animal friends welcomed into the world is such a fantastic feeling. Today, we’ve got a new member of the Disney Animal Kingdom family to introduce you to. Meet Elijah, the newest baby okapi to be born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as he joins the animals that can be seen on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

Disney's New Baby Okapi Joins The Gorilla Falls Trail Disney-Okapi-2-Large

What makes Elijah so special is his name, which honors a 50-year cast member!

Cast member Elijah first joined the Magic Kingdom Park in June 1973 and transferred to the horticulture department at Disney’s Animal Kingdom when it opened in 1998. He plays a critical role in maintaining the beautiful habitats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – from rhinos to okapi and everything in between – he creates environments that help ensure safety and promote enrichment for our animals at Walt Disney World. His passion and dedication to his role has made him a cherished cast member, and what better way to honor him than to name a rare okapi after him?

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Disney's New Baby Okapi Joins The Gorilla Falls Trail Disney-Okapi-3-Large

We will have our eyes out to spot Elijah in Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

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