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Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition

In Keep, Update, Or Demolish, I have selected and reviewed attractions that I’ve heard a lot of critical reviews of. I combine my personal opinion with the general consensus of these attraction and determine the fate of certain Disney Parks attractions – whether Disney should keep it, update it, or demolish it.

Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition The DIS 011 011

Affection Section – Keep

There are some attractions that aren’t for everyone. The Affection Section is one of those attractions. While not everyone wants to touch, or even smell, the goats, pigs, and sheep, other guests love it! This petting zoo has been given some criticism for being cheap, gross, and dirty, but for some guests getting their hands a little dirty is fun. Children seem to particularly love petting these animals. All of Rafiki’s Planet Watch is dedicated to the “preservation and conservation of animals,” so including a petting zoo is a great way for children to realize why we work so hard to keep these animals safe.

Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition The DIS nemo-500b nemo-500b

Finding Nemo – The Musical – Update

Finding Nemo – The Musical opened in 2007, and the entire show is still vibrant and beautiful. With that being said, with the release of the hit film Finding Dory, I think there is new material that could be integrated into the old show and freshen up the almost 10-year-old attraction. This would be a very simple change for Disney as nothing in the set would have to change, simply just the dialogue, and maybe a song or two. This update would bring in Annual Passholders and guests who have seen the current show before.

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Flights of Wonder – Demolish

The Flights of Wonder show is arguably one of the worst shows in Walt Disney World. This attraction is not only boring, but it is also taking up prime restate location in the park. Located at a major crossroads between Africa, Asia, and Discovery Island this would be the perfect location for a new exciting show. Flights of Wonder just underwent a fairly large renovation, adding a roof to part of the theatre, and while that is an improvement as guests won’t have to bake in the hot sun, it still isn’t a show worth watching even if it is in the shade.

Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition The DIS 600-treeoflife 600-treeoflife

It’s Tough to Be a Bug! – Keep

The 9-minute-long 3D show held underneath the Tree of Life is an entertaining presentation that almost all families should enjoy. Well, unless your family is terrified bugs. If that is the case, then this show probably isn’t for you. While the technology behind this show is slightly outdated, it isn’t bad enough to warrant an update yet. While this show isn’t perfect, Disney has a lot of bigger problems on their hands.

Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition The DIS 18596DAK2-6-05_025 18596DAK2-6-05_025

Kali River Rapids – Keep

Kali River Rapids will get you soaked, but that is the point isn’t it? For the hottest of the four Walt Disney World theme parks this ride is necessary. Guests need this attraction on the days that central Florida reaches 90-degrees and up to cool down on. Being soaking wet for the entire day isn’t always fun, so it is advisable to pack a bathing suit if you plan on riding this attraction. This attraction is beautifully themed, especially the queue, but most importantly it is needed in such a hot park, and for that reason alone it has to stay.

Keep, Update, Or Demolish: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Edition The DIS dinoland-usa-024 dinoland-usa-024

Primeval Whirl – Demolish

Primeval Whirl was bought off the shelf by Disney, and was not designed by the amazing Disney Imagineers. DinoLand U.S.A. is themed to be a local carnival, but this attraction is so plain and basic that it comes off as Disney being cheap. The “dinosaurs” used for theming the attraction are only a little sturdier then a cardboard cutout. There are too many reasons why this attraction needs to be demolished.

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Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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