Best Places To Take Mid-Day Breaks Within The Magic Kingdom


The heat and humidity in Florida can be draining. Combine that with walking, and possibly pushing strollers, and your day at the park can be down right exhausting. These factors, among others, are why many Walt Disney World park goers decide to take mid-day breaks. Returning to the hotel for a mid-day rest is a popular choice especially when the parks are open late at night. But, depending on what park you are visiting, and what hotel you are staying at, this trip back to the hotel can take a long time. This is why I suggest an alternative. Try taking a break from the action within the parks without hiking all the way back to the resort.  I’ll bet those of you that are budget-minded efficiency folks or traveling with small children will really want to see this.

So, here is how I broke it down: I listed my personal favorite places in each park to find peace and quiet followed by the best shows/rides in each park to take a snooze on. Finally, I gave an overall rating of how easy it is to take a mid-day break in each park.

As the first of the series, this article will look at the best places to take breaks or quick catnaps in the Magic Kingdom. The reason I started off with the Magic Kingdom is because it is a crowded place. It can seem like the most difficult park to find peace and quiet or to take a quick nap, and I would like to suggest that isn’t always the case.

Best Places To Find Peace, Quiet, And Smaller Crowds:


The Second Floor Of The Columbia Harbor House

This spot, especially on less crowded days, can be close to empty. A small room on the second floor, which I recommend, overlooks the path between Fantasyland and Liberty Square. With or without food, sitting on the second floor of The Columbia Harbor House is almost always a tranquil location. The combination of air conditioning and empty seats makes the second floor of The Columbia Harbor House a unique place in the Magic Kingdom, and one of my personal favorite spots to relax.


Pathway From Tomorrowland To Storybook Circus

Situated between Space Mountain and the Tomorrowland Speedway is a little path that leads to the Storybook Circus Train Station. Even though the location behind the Tomorrowland Speedway cars does make this spot a little noisy it might be the least crowded place in the Magic Kingdom. If you and your family just need to separate yourselves from the hustle and bustle of packs of people this might be the perfect place for you! For non-smokers be aware that the path does have a smoking section.


Baby Care Center

While each park has a Baby Care Center, the Magic Kingdom has one tucked away on the side of the Crystal Palace. The music surrounding the Baby Care Center is softer than anywhere else in the Magic Kingdom. The Baby Care Centers are found in all four parks, so, this suggestion works in more than just the Magic Kingdom.

Best Shows/Rides To Take A Snooze On:


Carousel of Progress

This is no knock on Carousel of Progress because I also highly suggest watching this show awake, but if you do need a quick catnap, the Carousel of Progress is one of the darker places in the Magic Kingdom. This show is about 20 minutes long featuring few abrasive noises, which is why I have it listed as such a great place to take a quick snooze. I suggest sitting in the back corners as they stay dark throughout the show. The biggest downside to taking a nap on the Carousel of Progress is that the chairs are fairly uncomfortable.


Hall Of Presidents

Again, just like Carousel of Progress, I suggest watching this show awake as well. While the show located in Liberty Square is a little louder than the Carousel of Progress, the seats are just a little more comfortable. With a show time of 23 minutes, combined with comfortable seats, this could be the place for you or your children to take a quick nap.


Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

If a quick 10 minute nap is all you need, the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a passable place for a nap. You might need a shoulder to lean on because these seats can be a little uncomfortable, but if you do manage to fall asleep the cast members will usually allow you and your family to do so on the ride. If you do manage to stay on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover for more than one go around this could be a great place for small children to take a 30- or 40-minute nap cuddled up in your lap.

Mid-Day Break Rating For Magic Kingdom:  B+

Overall, I rate the Magic Kingdom fairly high because there are actually a lot of places to sneak away. The biggest downside, and what is keeping me from giving the Magic Kingdom an A is because of how overcrowded it can become on the busier days. But, most of the time there are still plenty of places to sneak away from the noise, especially when the Magic Kingdom isn’t as crowded. Stay tuned for the next installment of mid-day breaks in the park: Epcot!


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