Can you take the heat? Going to Disney World in the summer

It’s no surprise that Florida is hot and humid. But, what do you do when you really want to go to Disney World and the only available time is the summer? Do you go ahead and deal with it? I was reading an interesting thread on the DISboards about this that was titled “Summer trip when you HATE the heat or no trip?”

The original poster, KSR0330 asked,

“This year we took our first family WDW trip with our kids (14 and 19). We loved it and I want to go back next year! I was hoping to go back April 2016, but our kids will be in college and high school, so the only common vacation time from school is Christmas and summer. When we went this past Feb, it was COLD! I really want to go back when it’s warmer (April would have been perfect, but that’s off the table) so that leaves summer 2016. The problem is I hate the heat. I’ve been looking into it and I guess we can get to the parks early, go to the pool/water parks mid day and go back to the parks for the evenings. I’m just not terribly excited about going in 90+ degree humid heat. So I have to choose- go in the heat or don’t go at all (since that’s the only time we can go).

Can anyone who’s been in early August tell me how bad the heat actually is. I’ve never been in the summer so it’s hard for me to imagine what it will be like. Thanks for any insight!”

Here’s what some of the other posters had to say:

ChasingLeslie: Suck it up, buttercup! We always go to WDW in July. It’s hot, but par for the course.

LaurEm378: Last August, visiting Disney was kind of like vacationing on the sun. Incredibly humid. Typical hour or two of thunderstorms every afternoon. They didn’t cool things off as much as I’d expected. Evenings were just as muggy, but without the sun beating down. There are always places to go to cool off, though. If I had the opportunity to go again in August, I wouldn’t stay home on account of the heat. Plan the trip.

Gumbo4x4: Can you go late May or early June instead? There’s still a chance it will be exceptionally hot that time of year, but there’s also a chance it’ll be quite tolerable.

ChitownFamily: i HATE the heat. We went late September this year. It was awful. It was an adult only trip, the heat & humidity definitely put a damper on my trip. If you truly hate the heat. don’t go. After this trip, I have decided that this Chicago girl- will only be visiting disney Late October- thru march/early april.

monorailmom: I wouldn’t skip going to Disney World because of the heat. Dress appropriately: cool, loose clothing…long hair up off your neck…good walking sandals that don’t make your feet sweat…water bottles handy at all times…don’t try to lug around a big overloaded backpack. And have a magical time.

Stacymarie1216: We are going the first week of June and I am terrified. It is truly the #1 concern for me. Our plans are to hit it hard the first 2 hours of the day and then take it a lot more slowly – so hopefully we can duck into indoor attractions and shops and use FPs efficiently so we’re not standing in the sun in lines.

brymolmom: How about going to Disneyland instead? Anaheim doesn’t tend to be AS HOT in the summer. Don’t get me wrong – it can be. But my guess is that it will be more tolerable than Orlando.

momtoBrandon&Jacob: No way would I go in mid summer heat. I just can’t justify spending thousands of dollars to be sweaty, hot, and miserable during most waking hours. There’s so many other places to go and see besides Disney with kids your ages.

dougsmom98: We went at the end of June once and I will never do it again. It wasn’t the heat, it was the humidity. You will walk outside at 8-9 am and be covered in sweat within 10 minutes. Not just a little sweat, your undergarments will be soaked, your shirt will be soaked, your shorts will be soaked.

DisneyDsgn: Last August for us was unbearable but we plowed thru it. I slightly thought about not returning again in August but who am I kidding?

So, what do you think? Would you go in the heat and deal with it or try to find another time that would work for your family to go? Share your opinions with us!


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