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Changes to Disney’s Rapid Fill Mugs in Walt Disney World

Changes to Disney's Rapid Fill Mugs in Walt Disney World 007

This is a hot topic to many that stay at a Walt Disney World resort. Do you purchase a rapid fill mug for your resort stay or do you purchase single-serving cups or bottles?

Changes to Disney's Rapid Fill Mugs in Walt Disney World 006 006

If you purchase one of the Disney Dining Plans the refillable mug is included. If you don’t purchase a Dining Plan they recently changed the pricing structure for the mugs. The cost is now 16.49 before taxes for the entire length of your stay. If you are only staying for a day or two the cost of the mug just got more expensive! The old pricing allowed some alternatives. You could purchase the use of one of the mugs for 24 hours for $8.99, $11.99 for 2 days, $14.99 for 3 days or a length of stay was 17.99. Your 24 hours started at midnight so you needed to decide if  you wanted to wait until the next day to start using your mug if you were only buying it for a day or two.

Just a reminder that these Rapid Fill drink mugs have an RFID chip (radio frequency identification) in them and the mug must be activated before you can use it at the Rapid Refill drink stations. You don’t need the mug if you are purchasing coffee or tea.  You can still buy that by the cup. There is a complimentary water dispenser on the soda machine if all you need is water.

You need to decide just how much you will use the refillable mug before you decide if it is a worthwhile purchase. If you have a chance to stop at a local Publix, Walmart, or Target, etc., I would suggest buying your drinks there and not purchasing the mugs at Walt Disney World. You are limited to a refill every 2-3 minutes. That could be a deal breaker if you are thirsty.

What do you do with the mug when you head off to the park?  Do you take it back to your room or carry it all day in the theme parks? The mugs do not work for refills in the 4 theme parks or the water parks.

Changes to Disney's Rapid Fill Mugs in Walt Disney World 007 007

The thing that got me to finally quit purchasing the mugs is that you can’t bring an old Rapid Fill mug back from a previous visit for a discount. You need to purchase a new mug every time you visit Walt Disney World. I would think in this day and age they could figure out a way to offer a discount on the mug.

If you are only staying for a day or two is a refillable mug worth $16.49 before taxes worth it for you? If you think of it as a souvenir, maybe the cost seems bearable. You would then need to decide if you want to pack the mugs in the suitcase for the trip home.

If you have the Dining Plan and get a free refillable mug, enjoy and drink up. But remember, do you want to walk back to the food court every time you need a refill?  Now that all the resort rooms have a mini fridge, it just seems easier to have your beverages in your fridge.

So what do you do when you visit Walt Disney World?  Do you purchase the mugs or bring your own beverages? Tell us in the comments below.

‘Til next time, See you in the parks!

Kathy Werling discovered Walt Disney World later than most people but has made up for it. Living close to the theme parks hasn't gotten old yet for her. Kathy is an accomplished photographer and is always out finding new and different things to photograph and experience in the Orlando theme parks. Kathy is also part of the Orlando DIS Unplugged Podcast team.


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