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Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream

Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops The DIS rsz_2016-04-17_181430_hdr rsz_2016-04-17_181430_hdr

Florida can get incredibly hot in the summer. Let’s be more specific. There are days in July that it feels like you are standing on the sun with hair dryers blowing in your face. It always makes me smile when people talk about how hot it’s going to be on vacation and then complain that it’s hot. They knew it was going to happen.

Luckily Walt Disney World has some delicious treats to help you cool down. From Mickey Ice cream bars to funnel cakes dripping in cold vanilla goodness, Disney knows exactly what cold treat you need on a hot summer day. It should probably be noted I would eat ice cream in the middle of winter in Canada. I’m just saying it is tasty.

Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops The DIS hollywood-scoops-gallery00 Photo (c) Disney Photo (c) Disney

Photo (c) Disney

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has one of the best ice cream shops in the parks: Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream. It’s located at the end of Sunset Blvd. right in front of The Hollywood Tower of Terror. You can’t miss it because it’s right on the corner before you turn for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. It’s the perfect place to stop to raise your spirits after the terrifying drop of the Tower. Or if you are really nervous, a place to sit and collect all your nerves before your FastPass+.

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This mini ice cream parlor has a feel from a simpler time gone by. It reminds you of a time when a family going for ice cream was a treat and an event that children would look forward to it. The area is a pleasant place to break when you are rushing from attraction to attraction. It’s a nice spot to take a quiet break and regroup. I know my family needs to do that more. We try to fit so much in a day. We need to remember it’s not about how many rides we ride, but about spending the day together as a family. Our goal is to not need a vacation when we get back to our vacation. 

Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream has a seating area behind the building. It’s a great place to sit back and relax before your next adventure. There isn’t a ton of seating but luckily there are lots of places to sit in the surrounding areas. Again, you might need to let the food settle before you go catch your upside down limo ride.

The wait to order is super quick. It may look like a long line, but since you place your order at one window and pick up at another, paying goes pretty quickly. Picking up your order is a different matter. We aren’t talking a waiting time like Toy Story Mania! but it does take them a few minutes to create your order. It’s worth the wait though. Very worth the wait.

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The Treats

Ok, let’s get to the important part – the ice cream! The amazing, creamy and delicious goods. My mouth is watering just thinking of them. Let’s be honest here, ice cream is good however you serve it. Especially here at Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream. The menu may be simple but worth the stop during your busy park day. I actually like when a menu doesn’t have a million options. Especially when you are hot and tired, it’s good to have a few choices and that’s it.

The two stars are the Brownie Sundae and the Apple Crisp. They will cost you $5.49 (brownies) and $6.19 (apple) and are a good deal considering a bottle of water is $3.00. I don’t know why they cost of water always gets me in the park. Both of these can easily be split between two adults. With that being said, you might not want to share. They are that good. You always have the option of going twice too. Maybe split one at lunch and one in the evening. That way you are spending the same amount of money and getting two experiences out of it.

Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops The DIS 2016-04-17_181812 2016-04-17_181812

The Apple Crisp is the A-list celebrity of this show. The crisp is served very hot and might be hard to carry to your table. So be careful not to get burned. The basics of this dessert are old-fashioned ice cream topped with cinnamon apple topping, caramel sauce, and streusel. As you probably have guessed, this dessert is very sweet.

I have heard some guests were disappointed with the apple topping being pre-made. My family didn’t have a problem with it coming from a can. We had no illusions that a cast member was in the back slowly peeling apples with love and attention. It would be nice if that was the case but it wouldn’t be very efficient. We all know the Disney theme parks are all about efficiency. Even knowing this, it didn’t decrease from the value of the crisp. It was still delicious and a must try.

Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops The DIS 2016-04-17_181838 2016-04-17_181838

The Brownie Sundae is my absolute favourite and winner of the taste award. This thing is so good. It starts with a layer of thick hot fudge and old-fashioned vanilla ice cream. Then they place on top hot fudge, whipped cream and a cherry to make it even better. How amazing does that sound? Well, they make it even better by putting two medium size pieces of moist brownies on the sides. Oh my goodness, it’s good.

Hollywood Scoops Ice Cream also has the ever-popular ice-cream cookie sandwiches served across Walt Disney World property. This is always a crowd pleaser. You just have to watch it doesn’t melt all over you. You can easily end up covered in melted ice cream after one of these. Let’s face it, it’s usually worth it. It’s always worth it.

Getting the Celebrity Treatment at Hollywood Scoops The DIS hollywood-scoops-gallery01 Photo (c) Disney Photo (c) Disney

Photo (c) Disney

If none of those options appealed to you, you can also get an ice-cream sundae, a cup of ice-cream, or a regular ice-cream cone. This stand also serves fat-free and no-sugar-added options for those who have dietary concerns. Plus some of their options qualify under the Disney Dining Plan.

With all that being said, here is what you need to know. Ice Cream is delicious. Period. It is the perfect place for your family to take a break, and enjoy each others company. Just watch you don’t get really sticky.

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