Disney Character Review – Gaston

Gaston Fountain

Am I as mighty as he?

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies, and Gaston one of my favorite characters (gasp!). He is such an over the top character that even as a cartoon he seems like a caricature of what a villain should be. The Gaston character that patrols Fantasyland in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is no different. Gaston can be found in and around his tavern (Gaston's Tavern), just hang a left once you cross the bridge (eyes open for trolls of course) that follows the Be Our Guest restaurant. There is a fountain erected in honor of the great Gaston right in front of the tavern, and the meeting area is to the right of this fountain. Sometimes the PhotoPass photographers in the area will give you a heads up when he's about to come out so you can grab a decent spot in line. Once he comes out the fun begins! He's got biceps to spare and every last inch of him's covered in....well he's pretty covered up so you can't see the hair but use your imagination for that one. The character is loud, energetic and talks up his latest accomplishments to anyone that will listen. I don't know what kind of training Disney puts these guys through but they completely embody the character from the movie, right down to taking on push-up challenges from guests who dare. He playfully charms the ladies, evident by my swooning princess in the picture below, cracks wise with the men-folk and just has a great time while you bask in his amazingness.  photo wd006wdw201414377865441.jpeg

How can you read this? There's no pictures! - Gaston

I highly recommend meeting and interacting with Gaston as it will greatly enhance any park day. He's a ton of fun and his little piece of Fantasyland is phenomenally done. If I have any complaints it's with the lighting in the area used for pictures. There's a ton of shadows mixed with all of the natural light so it can be a bit tricky to get the settings right in your camera (you can easily end up with silhouettes if not positioned correctly), but don't let that take you away from the moment and this great character. Take whatever shots you can and enjoy the experience, the memory and story will mean more to you than setting the correct white balance.

Overall I'd give Gaston:

Costume: 10/10 (spot on, right down to the hair) Personality: 10/10 (the guy oozes Gaston-ness) Picture Spot:  7/10 (shadows can be tricky depending on time of day) Overall Park Presence: 5/10 (I've only seen him in this one area, Belle normally poses with the Beast at Epcot) Worth the Wait: 9/10 (He is well worth it as he does much more than just pose) If you've met the famed Gaston while on vacation, what'd you think? -Rad
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