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Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom beast-castle-wdw

Bonjour friends! Today we are taking a look at Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. In my opinion, this is one of the most controversial dining locations at the park. Some people love it, and many dislike it due to its outlandish pricing. Craig, Ryno, Panda, and I decided to revisit The Beast Castle and see if anything has changed.

It is important to note that the menu is a prix fixe menu and is priced at $67 per person (before tax), that is for anyone ages 10 & up. This meal includes one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert trio per guest. For visitors that eat plant-based, don’t worry; there are options here for you. The question is, are they worth it?


Craig, of course, ordered the Escargot. He enjoyed this appetizer and said it was on par with Disney Cruise Lines version of the dish. He also mentioned that the herb butter flavor pulled through really well and added to the dish. Overall, it was an enjoyable appetizer.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW

Ryno order the Endive and Roquefort Cheese Salad. For those you that might not know what Roquefort cheese is, don’t worry; he found out for us. That type of cheese is a blue cheese which Ryno isn’t a fan of. Other than that, he enjoyed the salad. Ryno mentioned that the dish looked beautiful and was very refreshing.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 3

Panda ordered the French Onion Soup. He said on a previous trip to the restaurant that the broth of the soup was a vegetable broth making it vegetarian. Our excellent server Anthony pointed out that they no longer used that. The dish is now made with a beef broth, and Panda said that because of this change, he enjoyed the soup even more than before. He said it was even better than the one served on Disney Cruise Line.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 2

I ordered the Potato Leek Soup. I was surprised to find out that this dish was a dairy-free option. I found this information by reading the allergy menu they handed me the minute we sat at the table. That menu is a great way to navigate any dietary restrictions. It came with Truffle Potato Chips, and the server poured the fondu over it at the table. I thought that was a fun table-side experience. I really liked this appetizer. Panda was surprised that, for once, I finished all the food on the plate.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 1


Craig ordered the Filet Mignon, served with Yukon Gold Potato Puree and Smoked Tomato Bernaise Sauce. He mentioned that it was cooked perfectly, and the seasoning was done well. It was your typical salt and pepper seasoning but it was great nonetheless. The smoked tomato bearnaise sauce stole the show and was a fantastic addition to the steak. Craig also tried some of what Ryno ordered and said that it was the best food item on the table.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 5

Ryno ordered the Duroc Pork Chop. This dish came with Double-smoked Bacon, Sweet Potato Lyonnaise, and Dijon Mustard Sauce. He said this meal was one of the best meals he’s had in a while at Disney World. Ryno also pointed out that he enjoyed the sides on the plate and said the pork chop was cooked perfectly. It was also mentioned that it was a massive portion, so it will keep you full as you continue your adventure through the park. Our server also let us know that this dish is The Beast favorite.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 7

Panda ordered the Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken, which came with Celery Root Puree, Roasted Root Vegetables, and Pinot Noir Jus. He thought it was a decent meal but preferred if the dish was a chicken breast instead of a mix of white and dark meat. Craig tried parts of what Panda didn’t eat and said it was okay but that it was nothing out of this world. Overall, it was good but not great. The one thing that would’ve made this perfect in Panda’s eyes was if it was all white meat chicken.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 6

I got the Vadouvan-spiced Vegetables, which are Crispy Corn Cakes with Vadouvan-Coconut Jus. This is the only plant-based offering on the menu. The crispy corn cakes were delicious, and all the vegetables on the plate were not only fresh but cooked to perfection. With that being said, I can confidently say it’s not worth the price tag attached. I enjoyed every bite of my meal, but I feel like it would be labeled as $20 to $25 dish in any other restaurant.

After finishing my meal, all I could think was I wish they offered a lower-priced prix fixe menu for those that eat plant-based since there’s only a few options, and none of them add up to $67. I would love to see this dish sized down and offered at one of the EPCOT festivals in the France Pavilion.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 4


Everyone at the table got the dessert trio, and I got a raspberry sorbet. The general consensus was that everyone enjoy the desserts except for the gray stuff. It’s not as delicious as the dishes say, apparently. There is not much to say about the raspberry sorbet other than that it was refreshing and an excellent dessert for a hot day at the parks.

Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 9
Disney Dining Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom 23-BOG-MK-WDW 8

For someone that eats plant-based at Walt Disney World due to a dairy allergy, I would say it is not worth the hefty price tag. The options offered tasted great, but it’s not enough for me to say it’s $67 type of excellent. For my entire meal, I wouldn’t mind if it was priced at $40. I think that’s fair. Craig and Ryno’s meals definitely reach that $67 price point because those cuts of meat are relatively expensive. Whereas for me, I know vegetables are nowhere near the price of the type of meat the guys ordered.

Overall, I love the atmosphere, even though, at times, it can be loud and reminiscent of a high school cafeteria with all the chatter echoing. I think the interior of the dining location was done beautifully, and it really does make you feel like you’ve been transported into the movie. Especially when The Beast walks around the castle every 30 minutes greeting everyone. Have you ever eaten at Be Our Guest Restaurant? If so, did you enjoy it? Did you think it was worth it? Let us know in the comments!

I will also leave you with the video format of this review if you’d like to see the entire experience.

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