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Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced

Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced The DIS DSC_7242

The Disney parks were never meant to be a museum. This mantra has been repeated by Walt Disney Imagineering since Disneyland first opened in 1955. The problem with taking down, and replacing, Disney parks attractions is the close connection guests from multiple generations have created with these attractions. The nostalgic feel that many guests associate with the older attractions are what make them so hard to replace in fear of disappointing the guests that want to see the attractions that remind them of their childhood. Yet, some attractions no longer hold up to the standards that the Disney parks should set themselves. These attractions have to be taken down to make way for something that will entertain the future generations the same way these older attractions entertained us. Focusing on Walt Disney World in particular, here are 4 attractions that need to be replaced:

Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced The DIS Extreme_Stunt_Show_001a Extreme_Stunt_Show_001a

4) Lights, Motors, Action!

While this attraction is almost certainly leaving with Star Wars Land coming, I don’t think many guests are going to complain about its absence. It isn’t that the show is bad, it is just that it lacks some Disney magic that we expect from Walt Disney World attractions and shows. The best part of this show being in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is how many guests it holds. The large occupancy frees up what is already the smallest of the four Walt Disney World parks, but if we judge an attraction or show simply on its ability to retain guests, then we are setting Disney to a very low standard.

Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced The DIS 600-epcot-energy 600-epcot-energy

3) Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Ellen DeGeneres has never been more popular then she is today, yet this attraction lacks the things typically associated with Ellen DeGeneres. The most glaring reason why is because it hasn’t been updated in almost twenty years. The attraction is noticeably clunky and dated to even first time park goers. Another reason this attraction lacks any popularity amongst guests is the fact that it takes 45-minute to ride. The length and dullness of this attraction comically has created a reputation of it being a great attraction to take a nap on. That is not a reputation Disney should be proud of. The idea of teaching children and families about energy, and where it comes from is a great idea for Epcot, but something has to be done to bring this attraction back life.

Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced The DIS Tomorrowland-Speedway-01 Tomorrowland-Speedway-01

2) Tomorrowland Speedway

The Tomorrowland Speedway is a waste of space. I am sorry to be blunt because many guests love this attraction, and I am obviously basing this on my personal opinion, but this attraction needs to go. Regardless of the fact that this attraction makes all of Tomorrowland smell like burning fuel, or the fact that the cars are incredibly loud, it simply takes up too much space for what it is worth. Any Disney fan can easily see on an aerial view on Google Maps that the Tomorrowland Speedway is almost as big as the rest of Tomorrowland all together. With limited space in the Magic Kingdom this space has the potential to rejuvenate Tomorrowland by adding another E-ticket attraction that could sit right next to Space Mountain.

Disney World Attractions That Need to Be Replaced The DIS DSC_7242 DSC_7242

1) Stitch’s Great Escape

What might be the most picked on attraction in Walt Disney World is Stitch’s Great Escape. I will say it rightfully deserves the shame it receives by Walt Disney World fans. While most Walt Disney World attractions are fun I think of Stitch’s Great Escape as a punishment. Missed by many guests is Alien Encounter, which was Stitch’s Great Escape’s predecessor. If Alien Encounter and Stitch’s Great Escape aren’t the answer I think Big Hero 6 or Wall-E attractions might fill this space nicely. Honestly I am not sure what should be done with this space, but I do know Stitch’s Great Escape needs to go!

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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