Man arrested after attempting to enter Magic Kingdom with a concealed weapon


Andrew Gerson, 36, of Miami, was arrested last week when he attempted to bring a gun into the Magic Kingdom. At 5:00 on Friday, December 4, a security guard at the park’s bag check noticed a bulge in Gerson’s pants as he waited in line. He joked that “the bulge was part of his anatomy” and then turned to walk away.

The security guard notified a sheriff’s deputy, who then followed the man. When Gerson noticed the deputy following him, he began to run. The deputy pointed his gun at him and told him to stop. Gerson then dropped to his knees, announcing that he had a gun.

Deputies said the gun was a “snub-nosed revolver loaded with five hollow-point bullets.” Gerson said he had a concealed weapons permit, but the report stated that the permit had expired 10 years prior. He was charged with illegally carrying a concealed weapon and is out of jail on bond.

A Walt Disney World spokesperson said, “We immediately engaged law enforcement and the matter was resolved quickly and without incident. Our policies are clear, and we have zero tolerance for any violation of them.

News source: WFTV

Photo credit: Local 10 via Inquisitr