Four Fun Ways to Countdown to your Next Walt Disney World Vacation

As your vacation nears, it can be hard to stand the excitement of waiting for your departure day to arrive. One way to build up excitement and also have family fun before your trip begins is to create a countdown. Countdowns are also great ways to give your kids a way to understand how many days are left until you leave so that they do not ask you over and over again. Here are four easy ideas you can do at home:

1. Make your own countdown calendar!

All you need is a large piece of paper or poster board, construction paper or paint color samples, and stickers or print out pictures of your favorite characters or Disney images. Similar to an Advent calendar, each day will have a surprise Disney-themed image. Using your construction paper or paint color sample strips, cut out the shape of the classic Mickey Mouse head. On the other side, glue on your printed Disney image. Tape onto a large poster board and each day, flip over the Mickey head to reveal the image. Your kids will love the surprise each day and you’ll have a nice visual representation of how many days are left until your next magical trip!



2. Create a Classic paper link chain countdown!

Choose the number of days you wish to count down and using construction paper strips, make a chain for each day. I like to use red, black, yellow, and white for classic Mickey Mouse, but pick your favorite colors. We make a Mickey head at the end for our day of departure. Each morning, cut off one link in the chain – watching the chain shrink as your trip draws closer is fun!!


3. Have a family movie night countdown!

Every night before your trip, watch one of your favorite Disney movies. Whether it is a classic like Peter Pan, or a Disney short when you’re short on time, revisiting your favorite movies and characters really gets everyone in the Disney mood. Think outside the box and visit the DIS YouTube channel to mix in Disney ride-through videos, fireworks, and in-park entertainment. The excitement will really start to build!


4. Plan a Disney food countdown!

A unique way to countdown the last week to your trip is by serving a Disney-themed snack or meal that reminds you of your WDW favorites. Some classics, such as Mickey ice cream bars, are now available in your local stores. Look out for other Disney themed snacks like gummies, chocolate, or candy. You can also find popular snacks that aren’t necessarily Disney-themed but definitely park favorites like churros or turkey legs. For those who have more cooking skills, you can make DIY Mickey Krispie treats or Mickey waffles. If you have even more talent, try your hand at a Disney restaurant-inspired meal from your favorite restaurant. At our house, we have tried our hands at our own version of ‘Ohana‘s sticky wings, and while not as good as the real thing, it brings us memories of one of our favorite restaurants.


Using a fun countdown to build up the anticipation of your trip can become one of the best parts of vacation and really builds up your family’s excitement. How does your family count down to your next trip?

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