How does a Magic Kingdom haircut sound?

It’s a very special feeling walking into the Magic Kingdom. That moment when you come out from under the train station, and see Main Street U.S.A., is nothing short of… well, magical.

As amazing as the castle view is, you might want to look a little to the left of it.

Located just past City Hall and the fire station you will find a something very special nuzzled right on the corner. The Harmony Barber Shop is an experience not to be missed.


Perfectly themed, walking into the shop feel like being transported in time. Open from 9 am to 5 pm, reservations (407-939-7529) are encouraged, but walk-ins are welcome. They have three state-licensed cosmetologists, who are just waiting for you to come in.

Guests can choose from three options; “Adult haircut” ($19), “Child’s haircut”($15 – age 12 and under), and “My first haircut package” ($19). The first haircut package is a fantastic experience for your little ones. The unfamiliar activity of getting their haircut can be scary for them, but not here. When my husband and I walked in there were three little kids laughing and smiling in the barber chairs. The cast member had let them play with some toys and was making the experience light and fun. The “My first haircut” package includes commemorative Mickey Ears and a certificate. The $19 fee may seem high, but if you factor in the cost of Mickey Ears you’ll see it’s a great deal.

Just remember to wash their hair before arriving because the cast members may spray water to dampen the hair, but no shampooing will be provided.


Now let me tell you about our experience through the doors of the old-fashioned storefront.

My husband and I are always looking for new things to try in Walt Disney World. After all, that’s the great thing about Disney: always new adventures to be had. The barbershop seemed like a perfect thing to do.

I called in the morning to make a reservation for later that day. Since it was a Sunday, during the busy season, I figured a reservation would be a must. After taking all of my husband’s information over the phone, the cast member informed me you couldn’t make same day reservations. So we headed down to the Magic Kingdom and took our chances.


Officially the barbershop is located at 43 Main Street U.S.A., between the Emporium and the Car barn. We found it easily. OK, my husband found it easily, I was headed the wrong direction at first.

When we walked in we saw the three young children getting their cut, and it felt a little weird that we were there for my tattooed thirty-something husband. We signed in and were told it would be a ten-minute wait. We sat beside two adult men also waiting.

One thing to keep in mind is this place is small; tiny actually. I wouldn’t bring any large strollers in here. They would fit, but would take up all the room, and you will have some annoyed people around you.

By coincidence, they finished all the kids up at the same time. The kids looked like they had a blast, and all loved the 100 pounds worth of sparkles the cast members put in their hair. Even the little boy was excited about it. I’m not sure how much the parents will still love the sparkles when everything they own is still covered in them a week later.


It didn’t take long for the children to be done, and the atmosphere really shifted at that point. One of the men, who had been waiting when we walking in, started getting his hair cut in one chair, and my husband in another. Everyone, including the cast member, joked around, and you really felt like you were hanging out in a small town shop. Completely relaxed, and bonding over our love of Disney, and grapes that taste like cotton candy (yes that’s a thing).

One tiny downfall to the experience is that it’s over quickly. They did a great job, and he got a fantastic haircut, but the cut couldn’t have taken longer than ten minutes. Just long enough for one person to get their hair cut, and for their partner to examine all the unique touches in the shop. There are shaving cups, an antique cash register, and a “Who’s Next Board” on the wall. The barber shop has recently been refurbished, so it’s worth a peek even if you aren’t getting your hair done.

Make sure to have your camera ready because there are endless picture opportunities. I tried to get my husband to let the cast member put pixie dust in his hair, but he wouldn’t do it. I think he knew I would immediately put it on social media.


This is also a great alternative to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Everyone knows the boutique can be expensive, and this is a cheaper option where your little girl can still be transformed into a princess; pixie dust and all. When we were there a little girl got pigtails practically dripping in pixie dust.

If you can’t tell by now, I think this experience should not be missed for you, or your kids. Now go out there and visit this little Magic Kingdom gem. It’s something you will want to do every time you visit.

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