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Is Disney Jollywood Nights an ‘Adults Only’ Holiday Event?

Is Disney Jollywood Nights an 'Adults Only' Holiday Event? Jollywood Nights Header

Beginning on November 11th, Walt Disney World is launching a second hard-ticketed evening event in celebration of the holidays. Disney Jollywood Nights will be held at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, offering guests an alternative experience to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, hosted in Magic Kingdom. The two events come with two very different styles of entertainment, and after a recent segment on Good Morning America labeled the Jollywood Nights event as ‘adults-only,’ many have been wondering if this newly advertised event will be suitable for their family.

Let’s get to that one right away; for those of you with tickets in hand for Disney Jollywood Nights, do not fret. Families with younger children are welcome. As you can see below, although all at the same price of $179 each, children’s age bracket tickets are now specifically available for those between the ages of 3 and 9, with children under 3 not requiring ticketed entry. If you are planning to go as a family, never fear; all signs from Disney are that this remains an all-ages family event.

Is Disney Jollywood Nights an 'Adults Only' Holiday Event? Jollywood-nights-Pricing-

With that in mind, it is important to understand the difference between the two events in order to choose the one best suited to your family. As we can see from Jackie’s Disney Jollywood Nights Food Guide, which was released yesterday, there is a considerable focus on a more mature range of food and beverage options, not to mention the atmosphere and entertainment also being promoted. There will be a wide range of specialty cocktails included in the lineup, as well as a distinct lack of the usual child-friendly menu items. It’s an understandable shift, given that Disney isn’t trying to offer a carbon copy of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party experience. Instead, they are trying to cultivate an alternative style of event that caters to a different audience while still remaining inclusive for families, of course.

The different approach to after-hours entertainment might even be a welcomed one if our community discussion from last weekend is any indication. We posed the question, ‘Would You Stay In An Adults-Only Disney Resort?‘ and several hundreds of you responded to our social media posts with a resounding YES! While there is no need to be concerned about this event being only for an older audience, we can see that there might be room in the future for such an event to test the Disney waters.

If you are still looking for tickets to the Disney Jollywood Nights event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are two dates that have already sold out, November 11th and November 18th; however, several dates remain available at this time.

Is Disney Jollywood Nights an 'Adults Only' Holiday Event? Jollywood-Nights-Disney-Availability-19.10

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