“It Would Be So Nice if Something Made Sense for a Change”

"It Would Be So Nice if Something Made Sense for a Change" mayacastle

I think Alice from Alice In Wonderland was on point. We have all hit our boiling points; everyone just seems spent, done, kaput. Things in our worlds don’t make sense anymore. Everyone is divided, everyone is on edge, we can all agree most people are burned out and, in general, in not such nice moods. Maybe we are all just mostly trying to make sense of our changing worlds.

I try to limit my time reading the daily news as well as social media check-ins and the local stores where there always seems to be an argument from a customer. So I use Disney as a wonderful diversion, a hobby, a lifestyle where we can have some fun and escape for the most part from the words mask, vaccine, Covid, pivot and the phrase “unprecedented times.” I enjoy escaping to the Disboards and checking in with my online Disney buddies where we ask questions and talk about Disney (and non-Disney) related things. I get to visit Walt Disney World, thankfully. I love it; it’s so much better then the news! But lately, Disney is also on edge. We are all contemplating the new changes, structuring, and those feelings of negativity from our 2020/2021 world are creeping into our Disney worlds!

So, what can we all agree on? If everyone is always so divided and there is so much “bleh,” what can we all be happy about, together? Disney-style?

I think we can all agree on these Disney “issues.” What would you like to add? Do you agree?! Please comment below…


Ordinarily we would all love Disney+, but this streaming service could not have come at a more perfect time in our lives. Not only do we get most “everything Disney” in one place, but we get original content, old nostalgia and the option of direct-to-streaming when a feature film is also in the theaters and we choose not to go. We can all agree, Disney+ is the best thing for Disney fans. (Now, Disney, please release the Disney Sing Alongs out of the vault!)

Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party

September – December will be Magical

There is so much excitement and so many new things coming out with Disney in the next few months, we can all agree that magic is in the air. Fireworks, new attractions and restaurants opening, holidays; there is so much to look forward to that whether you’re watching from home or traveling to the parks, we can agree there is magic in the air and we can all feel it ahead. I love that Disney is always moving, changing, exploring and changing things up. This fall we can all agree to expect many fun things ahead.

Things Changed

We can all agree Disney has changed. Every company you are familiar with in your life has changed. It is doubtful things will go back to how you remember it before. Disney leadership at the top has changed, as have the business model and the policies; it seems that everything has changed. Now that we all agree to that and I know that coping with change is different for every individual, so we won’t all agree on how to “get used to it” or even how to adapt to the changes, but stay with The DIS and they will navigate you through it as we try to make sense of it all.

We Can’t Wait for the 50th

Celebrations, special moments, and events are all so important, so we can agree that turning 50 is big (I, too, turned 50 this year, yep, big, and it actually didn’t go according to plan, but I digress, that’s for therapy…).

Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary year will be no exception and I think all of us need that happiness. A little party is called for. Sometimes our celebrations have to be floated or can be deflated due to our crazy lives, but Disney has given us an entire year to have a little fun with them and I can’t wait!

Yes, we are divided about Disney issues, annual passes, Disney Genie+, the debates about whether the extra events are worth the money, and so on. Certainly we aren’t divided on when will the word “capacity” be obliterated from our Disney vocabulary. But we can agree on one thing: we do love it (whether we visit Disney parks or not), and isn’t discussing whether Disney should or shouldn’t bring buffets back so much more fun these days than anything else around?!

Shari Kessler loves the Disunplugged and all things Disney. She has imparted her passion for the parks along with her husband of more than 25 years to their three young adult children. Their family vacations have included Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line and Aulani but their home base is Walt Disney World as she resides from New Jersey. Shari also loves her cats Ricky and Lucy(RIP Lucy 2021). As a former early childhood educator she is now assisting at an animal hospital in NYC. She enjoys the Disunplugged community and hopes her articles connect with the Dis family.
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