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My Experience Riding the TRON Lightcycle / Run Accessibility Car

My Experience Riding the TRON Lightcycle / Run Accessibility Car 24572AD2-D006-43BF-86F8-A7B1BF92DF94

TRON Lightcycle / Run has been the buzz of Disney news since it was announced we would be getting the ride that originated in Shanghai Disney Resort replicated here at Disney World.

Based on impressions from cast member previews, I was nervous, wondering if I would fit on the lightcycle. I will not deny I am a curvy girl and comfortable in my skin. And to be honest, I don’t typically have any issues with fitting on thrill rides or coasters, even at Universal. I knew I would get to ride TRON regardless with the accessibility car option. However, after watching TRON Legacy for the first time, I had hyped myself up to experience riding the lightcycle, the motorcycle vehicle from the franchise.

When the day of my Annual Pass preview arrived, I made my way back to the attraction as cast members announced, “Welcome, Users!” My first thought was to try out the test seat and see how I would fit on the lightcycle vehicle. The cast member guided me to straddle the bike, kneel into place where my legs would rest, lay down as far as I could go, and then pull the handlebars towards me. Pulling the handles towards you locks your restraints in on your legs while the back plate comes down.

After doing all of these steps, my legs felt very squeezed towards the calves and I could not get the back plate down all the way. The cast member was very polite and we tried having her adjust the back plate on her end, but I could tell after getting a little unsettled that it wasn’t going to work. She kindly told me I could try the actual vehicle inside as well if I wanted to and that I could always ride the accessibility car.

I’ll admit I was a little embarrassed. I know that I didn’t need to feel that way about myself, but it was a very strange feeling not being able to fit on the vehicle intended for a Disney ride. I was a little in my head that day as to whether or not I was going to fit so I did not get a picture of myself sitting on the bike. However, this full-body profile picture may be used to substitute for reference.

My Experience Riding the TRON Lightcycle / Run Accessibility Car 0480C7FC-3B87-4ADC-A5AE-014F24591822

Myself at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

After making my way officially into the queue, I silently thanked the Disney Imagineers for the overhead fans waiting in the outside portion. As you start to move closer to the building, you approach the digitizing laser through which Users are transported into the world of TRON.

My Experience Riding the TRON Lightcycle / Run Accessibility Car 78355C23-919F-4103-8D90-45ABFE2BA267

TRON Digitizing Laser

The queue is really stunning, especially as the digital world is revealed with the lightcycle coaster speeding off. After making your way through the queue, you are prepared with some safety tip videos and eventually are required to put larger items in a locker. Approaching the ride vehicles, I watched full-grown men twice my size fit on the cycle with ease. I also saw others with different types of body shapes and sizes directed to the accessibility car after testing the cycle.

After giving it another shot on the lightcycle, I could tell, even after tucking my feet all the way back, the restraint was not going to work on my calves. I felt very squeezed in and restricted, and after thinking about it, it’s probably best I experienced the ride in a comfortable state. The cast members directed me towards the line for the accessibility car, which in my opinion, was a seat something akin to the car vehicle for Expedition Everest or Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. You are seated very easily with a lap bar, and the vehicle is placed at the back of the coaster train.  

My Experience Riding the TRON Lightcycle / Run Accessibility Car 5F9D0465-9CA8-4078-B4AA-BDA0EDE4D04F

TRON Virtual Queue

Overall, even though my test experience riding TRON was a little uncomfortable, I’m grateful to have had the option to use the accessibility car. If you find yourself in a position similar to my experience, remember that the ride was designed in a very specific way to ensure security on a fast-moving coaster, and you will feel very comfortable sitting in the accessibility car.

I still love the theming of TRON, including the electric-colored lighting and especially the cinematic music that brings the digital world to life. I’m curious to hear your thoughts about your own experience! 

Emily has a background in the arts and has been going to Disney World since 1992. As a more recent resident of Orlando, her theme park mindset has fluctuated from avid vacationer to local park goer. She enjoys sharing her love and knowledge for all things Disney and can be found on Instagram and TikTok @explorewithemilynicole


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