Planet Hollywood Observatory slated for inspection

An end to the delays that have plagued Planet Hollywood Observatory could be in store. Orlando Business Journal has reported that an early morning inspection for Friday, January 27th will be occurring. OBJ spoke with Robert Earl, founder and chairman of Planet Hollywood International Inc., on Thursday the 26th. During a phone interview, Earl stated, “It’s imminent. It’s such a big project, such a large investment and there are so many new pieces to it. And to transform it within Disney Springs was a very big job. I think I expected it to have been ready two months earlier, or something like that. But all good things are worth waiting for.” The interior of Planet Hollywood Observatory will contain a 4,500 square-foot "projecting area", with a screen large enough to catch special footage from 20-30 projectors. The tone of the restaurant may change throughout the day, transitioning from a more family friendly atmosphere during daylight, with a DJ and lighting changes at night. As Earl put it to OBJ, “It’s a lot more theatrical; more Hollywood. We’ve cracked a new wave of entertainment. It’s an immersive experience.” Source: Orlando Business Journal Image: Orlando Business Journal


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