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Should All Disney Queuing Areas Offer Weather Shelter?

Should All Disney Attraction Queuing Areas Be Covered? Should All Disney Rides Offer Shelter? Should All Disney Rides Offer Shelter? Should All Disney Rides Offer Shelter?

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World when it’s rainy, you might have found yourself darting in and out of shops to take a break from the elements overhead. Rain often goes hand-in-hand with summer in Orlando, so the wet conditions aren’t the only thing you might be seeking shelter from above. However, this practice comes unstuck when waiting in line for attractions that aren’t undercover. Some sections of the more popular attractions often include indoor line areas that also double as a form of entertainment when you start to approach the ride. Though with these areas often comes a line that begins well outside the covered portion leaving you spending more than half your time out in the weather before reaching the refuge. Getting stuck in the summer heat or rain can turn your waiting experience from bad to worse.

Should All Disney Attraction Queuing Areas Be Covered? nicholas-fuentes-TtHwjm8E-IM-unsplash

We looked at something similar almost a year ago, the lack of shade that Walt Disney World offers compared to the needs of guests in the parks. However, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I believe some sporadic shade or weather should cover all attraction queues. So, how exactly did it end up this way, wildly inadequate in providing shelter for park guests? Well, most of these areas were designed decades ago, with no thought in mind that each would cater to the volume of guests they are today. While new attractions are added, and additional theming reimagined here and there, the structural concept of these areas was decided upon before many of us were guests.

No significant changes are going to be made to the buildings that house attractions and queuing areas, but I’m wondering what it would take for Disney to start looking more seriously at their approach to weather and guest safety. We’ve never been more aware of sun-safe practices and the importance of caring for our bodies in the heat and humidity, yet, changes don’t seem to be in the cards for the infrastructure to accommodate those needs.

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When you think about some of your favorite attractions, the line rarely ends where the entrance to the building begins. Instead, you can spend 30 – 60 minutes winding around chain systems with your families, feeling exhausted and spent before you make it to that coveted shade. My question then becomes, why are the newer attractions not allowing for this influx of guests waiting in the queue? Rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind needed to use the line extensions multiple times due to high demand, which began almost immediately upon opening.

Why aren’t these needs allowed for in new attraction planning? Even something as minimal as fixtures in the ground where commercial umbrellas can be erected when needed when they already know the park will be at maximum capacity. A safety cover would make them inconsequential when not in use, and yet when needed, it could make a considerable difference to park guests, primarily through the warmer, rainier months. Let me know what you think. Should a certain standard be adhered to when building new attractions that provide shade and shelter for the extended queuing area?

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