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What’s the Worst Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World?

What's the Worst Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World? nicholas-fuentes-TtHwjm8E-IM-unsplash

We are throwing the mic over to you on the weekends, asking questions and hearing your opinions on some of the hot topics that come up about the theme parks at the Walt Disney World Resort. This week we are looking at queuing areas. Some are brilliantly themed with corridors of art and atmosphere that you wouldn’t want to miss, while others are the opposite experience, making your wait time feel twice as long as it already is.

It’s time to have your say about the worst queue to wait in at the Walt Disney World Resort and why you dislike it so much. Hold off on spilling the beans about the best queue; come back and visit us tomorrow to see what Disney fans think of that one! I’ll give you my answer first, and you can let me know if you agree or disagree.

For me, there is a clear winner, and it is, hands down, the Astro Orbiter in Magic Kingdom and Disneyland park. You’ll be crammed in, outside with little-to-no shade and absolutely nothing to keep you occupied. Sometimes I avoid this ride altogether because of the queuing area alone! I will give it props in Magic Kingdom for having an elevated boarding area; this saves you from the embarrassment of a thousand people watching you try to get in and out of that little rocket. A close second is the Tower of Terror, specifically when you have to queue outside, though as the interior is so cool, it gets a pass.

What’s the Worst Queue to Wait in at Walt Disney World?

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