Taking Pictures at Disney World: Making Memories

Taking pictures at Walt Disney World is an important part of our vacation. We all enjoy taking pictures in the parks and looking back at our good times once we return home. Disney Legends, the Sherman Brothers, even wrote a song about it entitled Making Memories.

Our DIS community has a discussion forum area where member CampbellzSoup recently asked the question: What park photos do you think are iconic? And the responses were amazing! For me, it also raises the question, “What does an iconic picture mean to you?”


The recommendations by our DIS community participants in the forums included classic, iconic places within Walt Disney World parks. The castle, Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life, the Partners Statue, and the Tower of Terror. Maybe in the near future, we will consider the new Walt statue in Epcot at Dreamer’s Point to be part of an iconic photo opportunity.

Some agreed with our friend Lizgistix about taking pictures in front of these iconic places from different angles.

Photo by Yulissa Tagle on Unsplash


Taking pictures of food and beverages has been a community favorite. I always took odd ones that my family mocks me for taking years later. The milk they drank for breakfast with Mickey Mouse on the carton. It spoke to me, what can I say?

Others hold their specialty drinks or desserts up high with matching background scenes. For example, how about the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa gingerbread house dessert in front of the beautiful, grand lobby Christmas setting?

Photo by Samsung Memory on Unsplash


I have some regrets I can share looking back at years of vacations. We have been lucky to have experienced many Magical Moments with cast members and I wish I had taken pictures with them to remember those special times.

I regret I didn’t ask my favorite podcasters for a picture together when I met them in the Magic Kingdom (next time Corey, Craig and Ryno!), but I didn’t want to be a bother. Don’t be shy, people!

I also wish I had taken a repeated photo every year of ‘our spot’ in the same pose. Of course, every vacation, you never think you will be back, but then you return! I am one of those ‘I won’t be back year after year’ victims. I did return, and wish I had taken that one particular picture in that one particular spot in that one particular pose. It would’ve been iconic.


Getting pictures with characters is a wonderful way to create memories through the camera lens. And even in COVID times they still can be, although in a different way. Selfies have become a staple in the parks, especially in 2020. We have adapted, and sharing a picture with your favorite character can still be a meaningful experience.

A tip I have is that if you are intending to take a picture with a special character, wear something that day that will mark the occasion. My husband wore his Big Al t-shirt when he ‘accidentally’ met Big Al at Country Bear Jamboree (his favorite attraction).

Disneybounding has been popular, as well as themed face masks, which would pair up perfectly for the day’s picture experiences.

Photo by Bence Balla-Schottner on Unsplash


But probably my favorite pictures I have from Walt Disney World are the spontaneous, unpredictable candids. The one when my son hopped off of his very first roller coaster, the tremendous smile he had spinning on the Mad Tea Party attraction, the expression my daughter had every single time Tinker Bell flew over the castle.

Thank you to our DIS forums participants who ask great questions and those who participate and respond. What have been your special pictures on your Walt Disney World vacations, and what are your tips and tricks for Making Memories?

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