The Best Hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom

I don’t know about you, but I love finding hidden Mickeys in the parks. Now I wasn’t the kid with the book that told you where to look; I just casually found them each time I visited. My life was already filled with competition because I was a competitive dancer, so I wanted hidden Mickeys to be something I could do leisurely.

Over the years, I have labeled a few of these Mickey’s as my favorites, and I just wanted to share the ones from Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom that made it onto that list. The ones I love come from the PeopleMover and the Carousel of Progress.

The PeopleMover

As you venture through Tomorrowland on the PeopleMover, you visit the different attractions in the area. One of the displays you pass is a futuristic woman who is having her hair done by a robot while waiting for her train. You’ll find a hidden Mickey on her belt if you look closely. This one might be hard to catch since the vehicle is moving, but try to find it next time you ride the PeopleMover.

The Carousel of Progress

This attraction is home to three hidden Mickeys, which are my favorite. The way Disney incorporated these into the ending scene is like no other that I’ve seen. Let me show you them before I start to babble on about why I love these so much.

Okay, back to why I love these so much. The placement and items used to make the hidden Mickeys were very creative. The Nutcracker one is my favorite out of the three here. When I first found it, I thought to myself, “that is just so cool that it’s Mickey and its way up there.” Of course, the ones under the tree are also amazing and fun to find because one is a plush toy hidden between presents.

I know there are way more hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland, but these are my favorites. The main reason why they are is that they are part of attractions that don’t have overwhelming wait times. There are several in the Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin queue and the Space Mountain one, too, but they both have had astronomically high wait times recently.

Now that I have shared my favorite hidden Mickeys in Tomorrowland, I want to know your favorites. Leave those answers in the comments below. Oh, and tell me what other hidden Mickeys I should be on the lookout for while I’m at Magic Kingdom.

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