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The Cheapest Ways to Visit Walt Disney World on a Budget

The Cheapest Ways to Visit Walt Disney World on a Budget Main-Street-USA-18 Cheapest ways to visit Walt Disney World

I know what you might be thinking, there is no cheap way to visit Walt Disney World anymore. While you might be right that the overall price has definitely increased, there are still ways to keep the costs down to a more manageable level. Here are a few of my favorite ways to scrap together a trip to Disney on a very restricted budget.

Take Snacks

The food in Walt Disney World theme parks isn’t expensive in singular purchases, though when you’re feeding a family, the costs can add up over the course of a day or two. You might think that by sticking to snacks instead of a sit-down meal, you are saving money; well, you can actually end up spending more just spreading your snacking over the day. Take snacks with you; non-perishable items are good, with some fruit and water bottles for everyone. You can easily save hundreds if you have a bigger family.

Skip Disney Genie+

While Genie+ can be a tool that can be incredibly useful, the cost of it can add up to more than you are budgeting for, especially when it comes to a larger family. With some good planning and a little patience, you can enjoy most of the attractions without the pass system and use the time you would have been sitting down and buying those snacks as an opportunity to eat some of the items in your backpack!

Eat Dinner Off Property

Disney restaurants can be fascinating to visit, though the general Orlando area is lucky to be home to hundreds of fantastic dining locations, some of which have incredible food at a small percentage of the price you might pay at Disney. If you have spent all day in the parks, why not book dinner somewhere outside of the immediate area and see a bit more of Orlando while you are out and about?

Give Memory Maker a Miss

Another great tool that is good for certain applications, though, with smartphones the way they are these days and so many fellow guests who are always willing to help out with a family photo, Memory Maker is one cost you can easily cut out to help with budgeting.

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Choose a Hotel Off Property

Staying in a Disney Resort doesn’t have the same advantages as it used to, and there are some neighboring hotels that are beautifully themed and furnished to make your stay just as comfortable for a fraction of the cost. There are also several grand, Disney-themed Airbnb locations to stay in that will blow your socks off and give you all the amenities to make your own breakfasts and dinners, saving even more money.

Wait to Buy Souvineers On Sale

If you are looking for items to purchase from Disney, keep an eye on shopDisney.com, and you might be able to buy them at a substantial discount at different times throughout the year. Since the pandemic, there is a significant amount of Disney Parks merchandise that is available online, so keep an eye on it, and you might be able to score the same item at 25% off; it happens more frequently than you might think.

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What are your best tips to save money when visiting Walt Disney World?

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