The Force Returns to Savi’s Workshop!

We were waiting for it all. To visit Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios for the first time, we wanted the full immersive experience – Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, and Savi’s Workshop. Our tickets and reservations were all set for April to be canceled by the pandemic. Then, we weren’t planning on making it a part of our rescheduled September trip because Savi’s was still closed. To our wonderful surprise, however, Disney reopened the workshop the week of our arrival! It was like they knew we were coming. We rearranged our plans and managed to get reservations. The Force was with us.

Savi’s Workshop is located diagonally across from Ronto Roasters, the main quick-service restaurant in Galaxy’s Edge. It is a little difficult to find, which goes along perfectly with it being a covert workshop in the Black Spire Outpost. There are no large signs announcing its presence. A cast member in the Droid Depot next door told us where to find it.

At Savi’s, want-to-be Jedi work with “Gatherers” to build and customize their own lightsaber. Before entering, each participant chooses one of four hilt themes, which includes Peace and Justice, Power and Control, Elemental Nature, and Protection and Defense. My husband chose Peace and Justice, my oldest son chose Elemental Nature, and my younger son chose Protection and Defense. All their design themes were unique and made very different looking lightsabers. As a bonus, they each received a pin matching the hilt of their choice. The pins were an unexpected souvenir!  

Once inside, the real fun begins. We were ushered into a dimly lit room with a large circular table. There was plenty of room to socially distance each participant. Next, the lead Gatherer gave an introduction and participants were given a choice of kyber crystals, which is the heart of the lightsaber. Color choices include red, blue, green, or violet. My husband and youngest son selected blue, and my oldest son selected green.

The next step is assembling the hilt. A Gatherer presents a box of parts to each participant. The box contains the chosen hilt, four sleeves, two emitters, two pommel caps, and two sets of activation plates and switches. A participant may choose two sleeves, one emitter, one pommel cap, and one set of activation plates and switches. It was a hard choice for my husband!

When the hilt is complete, the Gatherers attach a 31-inch lightsaber blade to each hilt. A dedication ceremony ensues, and participants are allowed to brandish their lit and fully-equipped lightsabers.  

The experience ends with the Gatherers giving each participate a carrying case for their lightsaber. We couldn’t have walked the park without this case! The cases are well-made, and the lightsabers fit into them perfectly.

As neat as the experience is, reservations are required, and the price is high. Each lightsaber costs $199.99 plus tax. It was my husband’s belated birthday gift, and my two sons saved Christmas, birthday, and chore money for the experience. They all three thought the price was worth it. They love to turn out all the lights and cut their lightsabers through the air. Thanks Disney for reopening Savi’s Workshop for us just in time!

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